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History of Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders

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Bobcat loader t190 Operator's Manual, Bobcat S250 Operator's Manual.


Bobcat Company began its history in the US state of North Dakota in 1958. Then the company bought the rights to a compact 3-wheeled loader of Keller Brothers, which later successfully cooperated with the Bobcat. In the same year it produced the first model of a self-propelled loader M-60.


In 1959, Bobcat produces improved model loader M-200, which is different from its predecessor in a powerful petrol engine 12.9 hp


In 1960, the company produces the world's first compact skid-steer loader and four-wheel drive M-400. Initially, the company was called Bobcat Melroe. Its catchy name it acquired later named in honor of the 1962 loader M-440 (an improved version of the M-400), which began to successfully produce.


The decision to call maneuverable loader bright name led to the birth "of Bobcat" name - "lynx". In the same year he designed the logo - a lynx in the double oval, and used the slogan "clever, fast, tough" for forklifts advertising (like myself lynx). The logo for the first time graced loader M-440, and then all models of Bobcat loaders.


In 1963 he developed a model loader with a rotary slide M-444, which have been exported to Europe. This model of technology has brought real success of Bobcat through improved structures, over which the company's engineers have worked for 2 years. The undeniable advantage of the M-444 was the fact that they could be used in industry and construction.


Thus, of Bobcat Company to significantly expand its production capacity, not limited only to the production of agricultural machinery. In order to consolidate the European market Bobcat Company in 1965, it signed a license agreement with the British company Luff & Smith for the production of skid drive.


In 1991, the first dealership of Bobcat  was opened in Moscow. At the same time the company launches 50 Series skid steer loaders, and production facilities have been improved electronics and safety issues, in 1994, they were supplemented by manufacturing facilities Lot.


In 1995, Bobcat has become a structural subdivision of the leading manufacturer of processing machines and construction equipment Ingersoll-Rand Company. In 1998, the Bobcat is possible to expand the range by the start of production of mini-excavator models 337/341, lifting capacity of 5 tons. Just Bobcat company acquires US company Palm Attachment Sales, existing on the market in the 80s and producing attachments for forklifts.


Some Bobcat Operator Manuals PDF are above.


In 1999, the European plants begin to produce compact loaders (model 864). Among the purchases Bobcat worth noting the French company Sambron SA, acquired in 2000. It has long been on the market and specializes in the production of trucks with a cargo lift.


In 2001, the Bobcat is part Czech manufacturer of compact excavators with front bucket and backhoe equipped Superstav. All in the same year in Europe was represented by A220 model - loader that combines steer and manage all the wheels, which is achieved in the cab simple flick of a switch. Analogues of this model has not yet been in the world.


In 2002 starts the production of Bobcat mini-excavators. Further expansion of production was dictated by the latest technology, innovation and investment.


Since 2007, the company owned Bobcat South Korean company Doosan Infracore. In the Czech Republic has opened a new training center and factory, which produced the new model trucks with a telescopic lift.


In 2008, Bobcat Company has celebrated its 50th anniversary. interim results and an analysis of how to create a brand «Bobcat» were announced. The fact is that after the formation of the concept skid drive and constant growth users have enabled the company to develop and produce cars with unique characteristics. In the middle of the last century, the main emerging markets are manufacturers of fertilizers and dairy farms.


Bobcat Experts came to a simple scheme - to paint the car white paint as a symbol of purity and sterility. This color, a new logo and company name become the brand Bobcat sign, a sign of success and quality.


Bobcat Company today - the largest manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment, with more than 900 dealers in more than 75 countries around the world. The main products of the company are compact excavators, attachments and skid steer loaders.