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MITSUBISHI FUSO Buse & Coach Fault Codes


P0100 Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction

P0105 BARO Pressure Circuit Malfunctin

P0106 BARO Pressure Sensor, Out of Range

P0107 MAP Sensor, Low Voltage

P0108 MAP Sensor, High Voltage

P0110 IAT Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P0112 IAT Sensor, Low Voltage

P0113 IAT Sensor, High voltage

P0115 ECT Circuit Malfunction

P0117 ECT Sensor, Low voltage

P0118 ECT Sensor, High Voltage

P0120 TPS Circuit Malfunction

P0121 TPS Voltage Does not Match MAP

P0122 TPS, Low Voltage

P0123 TPS, High Voltage

P0125 Excessive Time to Enter Closed Loop

P0130 (Right) Front O2 Sensor, Malfunction

P0131 Upstream HO2 Sensor, Voltage Grounded

P0132 Upstream HO2 Sensor, Shorted to Heater Circuit Voltage

P0133 Upstream HO2 Sensor, Response

P0134 Upstream HO2 Sensor, Stays at Center

P0135 (Right) Front HO2 Sensor, Malfunction

P0136 Right Rear O2 Sensor, Malfunction

P0137 Downstream HO2 Sensor, Voltage Grounded

P0138 Downstream HO2 Sensor, Shorted to Heater Circuit Voltage

P0139 Downstream HO2 Sensor, Stays at Center

P0140 Downstream HO2 Sensor, Stays at Center

P0141 (Right) Rear HO2 Sensor Malfunction

P0150 (Left) Rear O2 Sensor Malfunction

P1055 (Left) Front HO2 Sensor Malfunction

P0156 (Left) Rear O2 Sensor Malfunction

P0161 HO2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction, Bank 2 Sensor 2

P0170 Bank 1 Fuel Trim Malfunction

P0171 Fuel System Lean

P0172 Fuel System Rich

P0173 Bank 2 Fuel Trim Malfunction

P0201 Injector Circuit, Cylinder No. 1 Malfunction

P0202 Injector Circuit, Cylinder No. 2 Malfunction

P0203 Injector Circuit, Cylinder No. 3 Malfunction

P0204 Injector Circuit, Cylinder No. 4 Malfunction

P0205 Injector Circuit, Cylinder No. 5 Malfunction

P0206 Injector Circuit, Cylinder No. 6 Malfunction

P0220 Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit

P0300 Random Misfire Detected

P0301 Cylinder No. 1 Misfire Detected

P0302 Cylinder No. 2 Misfire Detected

P0303 Cylinder No. 3 Misfire Detected

P0304 Cylinder No. 4 Misfire Detected

P0305 Cylinder No. 5 Misfire Detected

P0306 Cylinder No. 6 Misfire Detected

P0325 Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Malfunction

P0335 Crankshft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P0340 Camshft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P0351 Ignition Coil No. 1 Primary Circuit Malfunction

P0352 Ignition Coil No. 2 Primary Circuit Malfunction

P0400 EGR Flow Malfunction

P0401 EGR System Failure

P0403 EGR Solenoid Malfunction

P0420 Bank 1 Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold

P0421 Warm Up Catalyst, Bank 1 Efficiency Below Threshold

P0422 Catalytic Converter Efficiency failure

P0431 Warm Up Catalyst, Bank 2 Efficiency Below Threshold

P0440 EVAP Emission Control System Malfunction

P0441 Evaporative Purge Flow Monitor Failure

P0442 EVAP Control system, Small Leak Detected

P0443 EVAP Control System, Purge Control Valve, Circuit Malfunction

P0446 EVAP Control System, Vent Control Malfunction

P0450 EVAP Control System Pressure Sensor Malfunction

P0455 EVAP Control System, Large Leak Detected

P0500 VSS Malfunction

P0505 IAC Motor Circuit Malfunction

P0510 Closed TPS Switch Malfunction

P0551 PSP Sensor Circuit

P0600 PCM Failure or CCD/PCM Communication

P0601 Internal Controller Failure P0604 ICM RAM Checksum Failure

P0605 ICM ROM Checksum Failure

P0700 Transmission DTC ICM (Watchdog Circuit)

P0705 TRS Sensor (PRNDL Input) Circuit Malfunction

P0710 TFT Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P0715 Speed Error: Input Speed Sensor Circuit

P0720 Speed Error: Output speed Sensor Circuit

P0725 Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction

P0731 1st Gear, Incorrect Ratio

P0732 2nd Gear, Incorrect Ratio

P0733 3rd Gear, Incorrect Ratio

P0734 4th Gear, Incorrect Ratio

P0736 Reverse Gear, Incorrect Ratio

P0740 TCC Lock Up Control, Out of Range

P0750 Shift Solenoid A (Low Reverse) Malfunction

P0755 Shift Solenoid B Malfunction

P0760 Shift Solenoid C Malfunction

P0765 Shift Solenoid D Malfunction

P1100 Induction Control Motor Position Sensor, Circuit Malfunction

P1101 Traction Control Vacuum Solenoid Malfunction

P1102 Traction Control Ventilation Solenoid Malfunction

P1103 Turbo Waste Gate Actuator Malfunction

P1104 Turbo Waste Gate Solenoid Malfunction

P1105 Fuel Pressure Solenoid Malfunction

P1294 Target Idle not Reached (+/- 200 RPM)

P1295 No 5 Volt Signal to TPS

P1296 No 5 Volt Signal to MAP Sensor

P1297 No Change in MAP Sensor from Start to Run

P1300 Ignition Timing Adjustment Circuit Malfunction

P1390 Timing Belt Skipped 1 Tooth or More

P1391 Intermittent Loss of CMP or CKP

P1400 MDP Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P1443 EVAP system Purge Control Valve 2 Circuit Malfunction

P1486 EVAP Control System, Pinched Hose

P1487 High Speed Radiator Fan Control Relay Circuit

P1489 High Speed Condenser Fan Control Relay Circuit

P1490 Low Speed Fan Control Relay Circuit Malfunction

P1492 Battery Temp. Sensor, High Voltage

P1493 Battery Temp. Sensor, Low Voltage

P1494 EVAP Ventilation Solenoid Switch or Mechanical Fault

P1495 EVAP Ventilation Solenoid Circuit

P1496 5 Volt Output Supply Too Low

P1500 Generator FR Terminal Circuit Malfunction

P1600 Serial Communication Link Malfunction

P1696 PCM Failure, EEPROM Write Denied

P1697 PCM Failure, SRI Mile not stored

P1698 No CCD Message from TCM

P1715 Pulse Generator Assembly Malfunction

P1738 Transmission Overheat High Temp. Operation Activated

P1739 TCM Power-up While Vehicle Being Driven

P1750 Transmission Solenoid Assembly Malfunction

P1765 TCM Sensed Volts on Pressure Switch When Unexpected

P1767 EATX Realy Always ON, Contacts Closed

P1768 EATX Realy Always OFF, Contacts Open

P1770 Inadequate Element Volume: L/R

P1771 Inadequate Element Volume: 02.04.09

P1772 Inadequate Element Volume: OD

P1775 Solenoid Switch Valve Latched in LU Position

P1776 Solenoid Switch Valve Latched in LR Position

P1781 OD Pressure Switch Circuit

P1782 2-4 Pressure Switch Circuit

P1784 L/R Pressure Switch Circuit

P1787 OD Hydraulic Pressure Switch Circuit

P1788 2-4 Hydraulic Pressure Switch Circuit

P1789 OD/2-4 Hydraulic Pressure Switch Circuit

P1790 Error After Shift, Check Speed Code Error

P1791 Engine: ECT Input to TCM

P1791 Transmission: Slip or no Pressure

P1792 Battery Power was Disconnected Since Power Down

P1793 TRD Link communication Error

P1794 Speed Sensor Ground

P1795 PCM: TPS Circuit

P1795 ICM: Malfunction

P1798 Worn Transmission Fluid, Shudder Detected with A/C Clutch

P1799 Calculated Transmissin Fluid Temp. in Use

P1899 PNP Switch (Trans Range Switch) Failure