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Repair of trucks and tractors due to the characteristics of this type of equipment has its own nuances and subtleties in the repair. The article is devoted to the main features of the repair of trucks.


Repair of trucks has several features. In general, they are as follows:


- large truck sizes;

- modular construction of trucks;

- complexity in the selection of spare parts;

- equirements for the qualification of truck mechanics;

- the need to use complex and expensive equipment for diagnostics, replacement parts and truck repairs.


Obviously, the repair of trucks requires a spacious room and equipment that can withstand a large mass of trucks.


In addition, the repair of trucks and tractors should be focused, that is, computer diagnostics of truck problems is a mandatory procedure. This is due to the fact that spare parts for trucks are quite expensive, so in order to save and minimize repair costs, it is necessary to clearly identify existing faults.


The regularity of servicing a truck is the key to long-term operation of equipment. Often, many faults can be eliminated without resorting to costly repairs, if they are diagnosed in time.

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Traditionally, types of repair of trucks and tractors are distinguished by the scale of the work:


- preventive maintenance: this includes procedures such as troubleshooting, checking for compliance with technical standards, checking the operation of the engine and fuel system;

- point repair: the elimination of specific faults, as well as painting, straightening dents, replacing individual parts and parts, etc .;

- overhaul: overhaul includes assembly and disassembly, replacement of electrical wiring, repair of undercarriage, gearbox, brake system, repair of the engine, steering, body repair, refueling of air conditioning. Overhaul includes a comprehensive procedure for the diagnosis and elimination of all faults of the vehicle.


The need for regular maintenance is perhaps the distinguishing feature of truck repair. Unlike cars, trucks are operated continuously, and they carry heavy loads on roads that are far from perfect. Worn truck parts are one of the most common problems.


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