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Yanmar History

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History of  Yanmar Co. LTD. It begins in 1912 with a small company Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho gas engine.


Brand Yanmar was registered in 1921. Its modern name, the company received in 2002. production of mini excavators Yanmar YB600 was launched in 1971.


In 1989 in France, the city of San Dizier, was founded a joint venture with the division of participation of 50 to 50% for the production of Ammann mini excavators - Yanmar SAS. January 1990 started production output. For 20 years, it was considered one of the leaders in the market of mini-technology in Europe.


In 2007, sales totaled 7,600 units. The company released a mini-excavators Yanmar models in weight from 0.5 to 10 tons.


In September 2010, Ammann - Yanmar SAS becomes a subsidiary of Yanmar group and gets the name of Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe SAS.


Yanmar owns 26 manufacturing plants around the world. In the 135 countries of the Yanmar implemented sales through a well-established network of distributors. Yanmar is known as developer and manufacturer of diesel engines for marine and land transportation, construction and agricultural equipment.


Since 1961, the company's headquarters located in Osaka, Japan.

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