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DOOSAN Truck Service Manual PDF

DOOSAN B Series Operators & Maintenance Manual
DOOSAN B Series Operators & Maintenance Manual
DOOSAN B Series Operators & Maintanence
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In 1977, a division of the Korean concern Daewoo was founded in cooperation with the Japanese company Hitachi for the production of trucks and special equipment, which in 2005 was purchased by Doosan. Despite the wide assortment of construction equipment, the management of the concern is launching the development of special equipment for military and industrialists. Thanks to a wide range of models and a clear distribution of production capacities, Doosan managed to enter the market of America and Europe, selling its products under various brands, working closely with the largest oil companies.


In 2007, the company Doosan includes the largest American manufacturer of mini-vehicles "Bobcat", which leads the Korean company into the military equipment segment. Over the next three years, forklifts and delivery vans were introduced, which were used by the armies of the United States of America, Canada and South Korea. Successful cooperation provides the Korean company with a solid profit, which is invested in new directions of development.

So in 2009, under the brand name "Doosan", the control elements used for the command centers of nuclear power plants were introduced, as well as the development of parts for the new generation power units. In the same year, a contract was signed to provide control elements of two nuclear power plants in China and complete support for the construction of their power units.


In 2010, the company "Doosan" completely updates its range of special equipment, introducing new heavy trucks for the mining and oil industry, as well as new types of trucks designed for operation in permafrost conditions. And in 2011, the Korean concern includes the Czech company Skoda Power, a division for the production of diesel power units for tankers and construction cranes.