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Renault Dokker

RENAULT DACIA Dokker Owner's Manual PDF

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RENAULT Kangoo Owner's Manual PDF

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RENAULT Kerax Truck Service Manual PDF

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RENAULT Magnum Truck Service Manual PDF

Renault Mascott

RENAULT Mascott Truck Service Manual PDF

Renault Master

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Renault Midlum

RENAULT Midlum Truck Service Manual PDF

Renault Premium

RENAULT Premium Truck Service Manual & Wiring Diagrams PDF

History of Renault Trucks

Some RENAULT Truck Operator's Manuals, Service Manuals PDF & Electric Wiring Diagram free download (Dokker, Kangoo, Kerax, Magnum, Mascott, Master, Midlum, Premium) above the page.


The Renault automobile company was founded in 1899. The founders are considered to be brothers Louis, Fernand and Marcel Renault.


In 1947, Renault began to change the indexation and it already consists of one letter and four digits: the letter R (Renault), a digit to indicate the type of engine (2 - gasoline, 4 - diesel) plus three digits to indicate the serial number of the model . This is how the diesel series R4080 and gasoline R2020, the plain R2060 Goelette and the 2.5-ton R2160 Galion appear.

The beginning of the 50s is a new milestone in the history of Renault. Through mergers, transformations and modernization of the production range, which lasted until the end of the 70s, the French company is becoming one of the largest automotive concerns in the world.


Meanwhile, in 1951, the production of trucks with a carrying capacity of 5-8.5 tons was launched, including onboard models and 4x2 / 4x4 truck tractors with in-line horizontal 6-cylinder engines mounted under the frame directly behind the cab, and a front torsion bar suspension.


These trucks acquired a peculiar appearance with an increased location of the cargo platform and a cab without traditional air intake slots with four headlights of a diagonal arrangement.


Since 2001 belongs to Volvo AB.

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