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ZF ASTRONIC 16 AS 2601 transmission Manual
ZF ASTRONIC 16 AS 2601 transmission Manual
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Renault Magnum_430 wiring diagrams
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B9/B18 Transmission Manual
B9/B18 Transmission Manual
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Since 2001 belongs to the concern Volvo AB.


A little more than a hundred years after the birth of the first transport, became the ancestor of the vehicle as the car rolled over the planet wave of the 100th anniversary of world famous companies producing cars and trucks. In the second half of the 90th you will probably have often heard reports that the 100-year anniversary of said one or the other automotive group. Most recently, we wrote about a similar anniversary of the Swedish company "Scania" which produces a wide range of commercial vehicles and buses. Today it was the turn of the French "Renault VI".


Everyone knows that the company "Renault VI" produces a very wide range of cars. It includes the trucks and light commercial commercials and vans series "Master", and medium and heavy trucks series "Premium" and "Magnum Integral", and for urban buses ("Agora") and coaches traffic. Today, one hundred years after the formation of a small firm, swinging in those days the production of vehicles that became world famous band "Renault" remains one of the leading manufacturers of vehicles both on the European continent and overseas.


Moreover, throughout the hundred years since the founding of the company to the present day, "Renault" is the driving force of progress in the automotive industry. Striking confirmation of this is the current products of the firm. "Renault VI", in fact, is an alliance of companies, each of which in its time had contributed to the history of the car. Among them are such well-known brands in the past, as "Berl", "Latil", "Somia", "Poppy", etc., whose history became the history of the company "Renault VI", formed in 1978 and has combined experience of many famous manufacturers of commercial vehicles. The oldest firm, which became part of the "Renault VI", is "Berl", founded in 1895 in the French city of Lyon. It is this brand of trucks path opened by the French outside France. In addition to this car "Berl" first got the air suspension and have made a considerable contribution to the development of diesel technology, many of which are used on trucks today.


Directly firm "Renault" was born a little later, in 1898, and almost immediately after its founding Louis Renault turned his gaze on commercial vehicles. In 1906, on the "Renault" with the help of "Berl", which, in essence, became the foundation for the establishment of "Renault", the development of trucks, and first came to light trucks and buses, "Renault". In 1913 began the production model "Berliet CBA", which served as good allies in the fields of the First World War. In 1915, "Renault" is developing the first specialized truck models "ER" for the military. This machine 4x4 is equipped with switchable all-wheel drive. In 1917, a start in life gets truck model "FT17". In 1923, the company "Renault" is developing a new generation of trucks series "LH". In 1932 is born subsequently won considerable success coach "Renault TN6".


In 1955, there is an association of companies, "Renault", "Latil" and "Somia." The new company was named "Saviem - LRS". It should be noted that, as the "Renault", included in this union of "Latil" and "Somia" had already had a pretty good reputation around the world. Thus, the firm "Latil", founded in 1898, became known for its development of the front axle. During the First World War, this company began to specialize in the production of vehicles. Such a profile is retained after the war. Firm "Somia" although was born almost 20 years later, in 1917, by 1955 already had significant popularity among buyers of trucks for the transport of goods over long distances. In the second half of the '50s created through the merger of three companies company "Saviem - LRS", despite the existence of a fairly large technical and engineering capacity, continues to work closely with the "Berl". The result of this interaction in 1956, becoming the birth of turbo diesel power unit and the release in 1957 of the truck model "Berliet T100" with a total weight of 100 tons! In 1961, the company is gaining strength "Saviem" acquires a firm "Floirat", specialized in the production of buses. Two years later, "Saviem" concludes an agreement on cooperation with MAN.


In 1965, "Saviem" begins production models "SG2" and "SG4". In 1975, "Berl" does not withstand a single voyage in the business world and is becoming one of the divisions of "Renault". And three years later, in 1978, by the merger "Berl" and "Saviem - LRS" is born into the world, "Renault VI". And already in 1979, "Renault V.I." acquires 20% stake in the famous American company "Poppy", founded in 1900 in New York.


At the beginning of this century, the products of this company enjoyed tremendous success overseas. Produced its cars have won the reputation of the Americans machines. During the First World War, many famous brand added model "AS", received the military drivers of the time the nickname "Bulldog". This name later became the symbol of the brand. But this achievement of "Poppy" is not over. In the 60s she has made considerable achievements in matters of fuel economy, and in 80 of its engineers developed a unique system V-MAC, which, in addition to a significant reduction of fuel consumption, the car provides a good performance exhaust cleanliness. In 1980, the period of mergers and acquisitions the company briefly interrupted and the light appears the predecessor of today's popular vans "Renault Master" car model "Renault SF".


In 1983, "Renault G260" wins the honorary title of "Truck of the Year." Then, in 1983, the company "Renault VI" begins to set on their machines disc brakes. In 1985, "Renault V.I." launches a new series of city buses model "312". In 1987, "Renault V.I." continues to buy shares of the company "Poppy", bringing the number of acquisitions to 44%. In 1991 production of "Renault VI" winning just two honorary regalia: the car "Renault Magnum AE" becomes "Truck of the Year" and bus "FR1" - "Bus of the Year". In 1993, "Renault V.I." organizes joint venture to produce buses with Czech "Karos". In 1995 born a new generation of urban buses with low floor family "Agora". In 1996 starts the production of heavy trucks series "Premium". In 1997, "Renault V.I." is a whole bunch of new products: Coach "Iliad" dump "Kerax" and modified "Renault Magnum Integral".


One hundred years after its establishment the company "Renault"  on the total production of all types of trucks and buses is one of the leading places in Europe. The total mass produced commercial vehicles it covers the range from 3.5 to 40 tons. At the moment, perhaps, will be very difficult to name any class of commercial vehicles, which would not have been the products of the group, "Renault VI". And this is the maximum sought by many automakers today.

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