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GINAF HPVS, EVS Service Manual
GINAF HPVS, EVS Service Manual
GINAF HPVS, EVS Service Manual.pdf
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History of GINAF Trucks

GINAF Truck Service & Operating Manual PDF is above the page - HPVS, EVS.


The brothers Van Ginkel are the founders of the company with the name GINAF Trucks, the date of which dates back to 1967. Initially, they sold modified army trucks from America, and when the company appeared, the use of units and assemblies in the designs, the donors of which were military vehicles.


The second half of the 70's was marked by the appearance of new models that often used DAF Trucks components, as well as the first European car of the KFS 16.


Since 1984, the line has been supplemented with five-axle chassis, and two years later the machines of this brand received hydro-pneumatic suspension.


A couple of years later, a modular new principle for the development of updated equipment was introduced, and this in turn allowed to expand the modifications proposed by the manufacturers. 1991, an electronic-hydraulic system appeared to drive the wheels on the rear axles.


Thus, there is an improvement in maneuverability, carrying capacity, and also safety, when they operate dump trucks and special purpose vehicles. The sale of forklifts is an important time for the development of the company, so this issue is always a priority.


Hydraulic drive on the front axle Hydro Axle is one of the latest achievements of GINAF, which allows up to 10 percent to make more traction, reduce fuel consumption, plus the weight in the transmission is reduced.

The production program of GINAF Trucks has the appearance of two families of trucks, the X-series, and the C-series.


Let's start with the first, it provides for work, where the road conditions are much more complicated, the cabs are equipped with DAF, and the Paccar engines. Dumpers, whose wheel formula is 10 × 8, weigh 59.6 tons, their carrying capacity is 44.4 tons of loose goods.


If the wheel formula is 10 × 6, then we get 52 tons of weight, etc. Most often such dump trucks are used for quarries, the maximum weight can be 80 tons, with a carrying capacity of up to 50 tons. The GINAF-X series can be two-, three- or four-axial.


Mass from 36 to 46 tone, depending on the full or rear drive. If this wheel formula is 4 × 4, and the dump trucks have a mass of 19-24 ton, they are often used in the form of high-pass chassis.


GINAF dumpers from the C-series are more suitable for city roads, wheel formula 4 × 2, 6 × 2, weight 20-21, 27-29 tons, air suspension, motor from Iveco Tector, and Iveco Euro Cargo cabs.

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