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IVECO Truck Blink Codes EDC

IVECO Truck Fault Codes DTC
IVECO Truck Fault Codes DTC
IVECO Truck Fault Codes DTC.pdf
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IVECO EDC MS6.2 SW 5.X Control Unit DTC


Flashing code - Indicator lamp EDC - Fault



1.1 LIGHT CONSTANT Vehicle speed signal

1.2 LIGHT CONSTANT Torque Switch

1.3 OFF Cruise control

1.4 LIGHT CONSTANT Accelerator pedal.

1.5 OFF Clutch pressure sensor

1.6 Steady on The likelihood of a signal from the brake pedal sensors

1.7 OFF The plausibility of the ratio between the accelerator and brake pedals


2.1 OFF Coolant Temperature Sensor

2.2 OFF Air temperature sensor

2.3 OFF Fuel temperature sensor

2.4 steady light Charge pressure sensor

2.5 OFF atmospheric pressure sensor (inside the control unit)

2.6 steady light Engine brake sensor signal

3.5 OFF Battery voltage


4.1 OFF Turbine Drive Pressure Sensor

4.2 steady light Turbine speed sensor

4.3 steady light Increased turbine speed

4.4 steady light Turbine control (mechanical failure)

4.5 steady light Variable geometry turbine solenoid valve

4.6 FLASHING Motor brake control solenoid valve


5.1 Steady on Fault in cylinder 1 injector

5.2 steady light Faulty cylinder 2 injector

5.3 steady light Faulty cylinder injector 3

5.4 steady light Faulty cylinder nozzle 4

5.5 lights up Faulty cylinder injector 5

5.6 lights up continuously Faulty cylinder nozzle 6


6.1 Steady light Sensor on flywheel

6.2 lights up continuously. Sensor on the timing gear

6.4 BLINKING Increased engine speed


7.2 lit continuously CAN line

7.3 lights up CAN line (Eurotronic control)

7.4 lights up CAN line (EBS control)

7.5 Lights up CAN line (intarder control).

7.6 steady on CAN error (data exchange with other control units)

77 lights up. Time limit exceeded [data exchange with other control units)


9.1 FLASHING Control unit defective

9.2. steady on Erroneous data in EEPROM

9.3 FLASHING Immobilizer

9.4 steady on Start relay

9.5 steady on Erroneous engine shutdown procedure

9.6 steady on Error data recorded in the control unit

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