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History of Praga Trucks

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Known enterprise "Praga" as its brand name and coat of arms took the capital of Czechoslovakia. At the beginning of the XX century it became the basis of two large Prague company - "First Czech-Moravian Machine-Building Plant"  and the company Franz Ringhoffer , Xia found necessary then the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


March 27, 1907 they signed an agreement on the organization of "Prague Automobile Plant" (Prazska tovarna na automobily), for which poaroili shop in Prague-Liben quarter, and in the same year from imported parts have started to assemble cars of the brand "Praga".


Two years later, Baron Ringhoffer came out of the agreement, and the first companion has evolved into a machine-building concern Ceskomoravska Kolben-Danek, known since 1927 as CKD. Car factory "Praga" has long been its motor compartment.


The first light truck "Praga V" with a motor of 10 hp was built in 1909 on the chassis of the car. In the 1909-10 biennium. based truck bankrupt German company  Ducommun was made a few models "Praga VI", "VII" and "VIII" carrying capacity of 1.5-5.0 m. Issue own machines failed to start in 1911 after the organization design Bureau under the supervision of an engineer Frantisek CES.


The first was a 5-ton truck "Praga V" (in this case the letter "V" meant "vojensky" - "military"), equipped with a 4-cylinder, 40-horsepower engine and chain drive. His production continued until 1920. In 1912, there was a 2-ton truck "L" with a 3.8-liter 28 hp by car "Grand"a and universal joints.


Later, power increased to 35 hp, and load capacity - up to 3 tons. Its development was the 2-ton machine "R" with an engine capacity of 35 hp At the same time the plant produced a 5-ton truck 40-strong model "T", and in 1915 began manufacturing the machines known series "N", nicknamed "Enka" and are available up to 1937


In the 20-ies., Despite the crisis, the factory shop "Praga" expanded and installed new equipment, making it one of the largest in the country. At this time, in addition to the upgraded 50-strong model "N", issued 30-strong truck "L", sweeper "BD" and the popular 1-ton car "AN" on the car chassis "Alfa" a 1.2 -liter engine 18 hp (later - 30-40 hp).


By the end of the 20-ies. at the "Praga" serially produced buses, special vehicles, tractors, motor plows, motorcycles, and even invented their own fuel "Pragolin", which was almost half the price of gasoline.


In the 30-ies. in conditions of competition embittered factory "Praga" was introduced into the program better machines with 6-cylinder engines. These primarily include the family of truck chassis on the famous "N" with diesel engines (6,75-8,85 l 55-125 hp) manufactured under license from German firm "Deutz". Cars models "ND" and "SND" had capacity up to 7.5 tonnes, at what some were equipped with 7- and 8-speed. Buses "NDO" first got semi-automatic gearbox.


Machinery "TN" and "TNHP" capacity of 5 ~ 7 m equipped with new gasoline engines (7.4-7.8 liters, 80 ~ 138 hp), while the worst 3-axle 10-ton model "TOV" installed 11.5-liter engine with 120 hp


Since 1934, the new base model was a 2-axle vehicle "RN" carrying capacity of 2.5 tons with a 6-cylinder petrol engine (3468 cm3, 50-68 hp), a simple 4-speed gearbox and hydraulic brakes, reach a maximum speed of 80 km / h. His version of "RND" received a 4-cylinder 4.5-liter diesel engine 52-60 hp


These trucks are distinguished by high performance, high-speed and cost, well proven in the army. On the basis of their proposed dump trucks, utilities, health, fire and special machines installed bus body on 62 passengers.


In the 3-ton version they released until 1953 Licenses are purchased Yugoslav factory THERE. On the basis of a series of "RN" in 1935 ~ 39 years. produced 3-axle army vehicle "RV" (6x4) 2 t lifting capacity, equipped with a 2-stage splitter in the transmission. It had independent front torsion bar suspension, the rear wheels were mounted on longitudinal semi springs and drives swinging half-axles. Maximum printing speed reached 70 km / h.


At the same time produced a 4-ton version of "SV" and Utility "AV" (6x4). Since the beginning of the WW2 truck production was limited, and in 1943 completely stopped.


The plant switched to perform German military orders, releasing semi-tracked tractors 5-ton class, engines and transmissions for the tanks.


March 25, 1945 Anglo-American air almost completely destroyed the plant, and in June the company was placed under public control. Production was transferred to Vysocany, another district of Prague, in the premises of aviation and automobile factory "Aero".


First, there has resumed production of trucks "RN", a then -dovoennyh models "RND" and "ND". In 1948 the factory was nationalized and was named "National Enterprise Auto-Praga".