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FAW Pars Catalogue V50
FAW Pars Catalogue V50
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FAW V-5 Engine Manual
FAW V-5 Engine Manual
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FAW 1083 Manual
FAW 1083 Manual
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FAW Euro 2 Euro 3 Wiring Diagram
FAW EWD Euro 2 Euro 3
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FAW J6P 4x2 Tractor Truck
FAW CA3252 J5P 6x4 Dump Truck

History of FAW Trucks

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First Automobile Works, or FAW, is China's first automaker, as the name of the company alludes to.


It was founded in 1953 with the support of the USSR, and 3 years later it released its first car, a 4-ton truck CA10 Jiefang.


The end of the decade was marked by some interruptions in production, but all problems were successfully overcome.


In 1965, the company launched the Hongqi extended limousine, which soon became a prestigious car used only by the government.


In addition, FAW continued to develop heavy equipment for the needs of a growing industry.


So, in 1973, she introduced a dump truck with a carrying capacity of 60 tons.


International relations allowed FAW to learn from Japanese colleagues from such world-famous companies as Toyota, Mitsubishi and others.


Due to this, the quality of products of the First Automobile Plant of China has grown steadily.

In the late 80s, FAW entered into first car assembly contracts with Volkswagen AG, and the early 90s saw the construction of the company's first factory outside the country, in Tanzania.


In 2005, Toyota Prius began production. Especially for this, a joint venture Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor was created.


A little later, First Automobile Works bought Toyota's mild hybrid rights from Toyota. Having carefully studied the technology of cars, the company's specialists released on their basis their own Hongqi sedan.


In the autumn of the same year, the production of Jiefang hybrid buses with a parallel hybrid system using Enova technology began.


The company continues to develop today, regularly concluding international contracts and exporting its products to dozens of countries.


It is one of the largest automakers, collaborating with leading world brands, including Mazda, Hyundai, Audi, Volkswagen and others.

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