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Kalmar DRF450-65A5X Workshop Manual
Kalmar DRF450-65A5X Werkstattbuch
Kalmar DRF450-65A5X Werkstattbuch.pdf
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Kalmar Forklifts
Kalmar Forklift

History of Kalmar Forklifts

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Kalmar has manufacturing plants in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, China and the USA, more than 10 in-house technology companies and over 150 dealers.


In 2007, Kalmar Industries entered the international holding corporation Cargotec.


This is an international logistics company - a world leader in the market of equipment for handling and moving goods.


Cargotec combines three brands: Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor.


Products manufactured under the Kalmar trademark are represented by a wide range of forklift trucks and gantry cranes designed for operation in various conditions.


The Kalmar forklift truck is a machine that is focused on lifting heavy loads in difficult operating conditions.


Models are equipped with Volvo and Cummins engines, as well as an electronic control system, through which the operator monitors the work of the forklift truck, changes the speed of lifting and lowering the load, performs diagnostics of the equipment.