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BAOLI Forklift KB(G) 15-20 Operator's Manual

BAOLI Forklift KBET 15-20 Maintenance Manual

BAOLI Forklift KB(G) 15-20 operator manual
BAOLI Forklift KB(G) 15-20 operator manual
BAOLI Forklift KB(G) 15-20 operator manu
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BAOLI Forklift KBET 15-20 Maintenance Manual
BAOLI Forklift KBET 15-20 Maintenance Manual
BAOLI Forklift KBET 15-20 Maintenance Ma
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The history of the Baoli brand began in 1993. The company was established as a multidisciplinary consortium called Jiangsu Baoli Group Co., Ltd., whose main business was electrical equipment. Initially, the main type of the company's products were modern electric motors of various purposes. The highest priority was given to household electric motors - for washing machines, cooling fans, air conditioners, and so on. Today, Baoli is a key supplier of electrical units for various purposes, including industrial ones. Among the company's customers are large companies Chunlan, Galaz, Matsushita, Whirlpool, Carrier and others.


As the business developed, the company decided to develop a new direction - designing and manufacturing warehouse equipment. In 2002, a subsidiary of Jingjiang Baoli Forklift Truck Co., Ltd. was founded specifically for the development of this area of industrial production, which began the production of forklifts of various capacity (from one and a half to ten tons).


Of course, the production and design of a completely new technology required serious investments and the search for reliable partners whose experience could be used in production. For Baoli, the largest Japanese, Korean and European companies acted as such, including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic.


For the first year, Baoli products were supplied exclusively to the domestic market. During this time, the manufacturer acquired licenses for power units, hydraulic elements and other key components of warehouse handling equipment and debugged production processes. However, already in 2003, the company began aggressively entering the world market, bringing out high-quality products, which were combined with a very attractive price.


Baoli managed to achieve this ratio by optimizing the production process and implementing multi-level quality control for all components. The range of the company was presented a wide selection of electric, gasoline, diesel trucks, as well as models with gas cylinder power plants. Due to the affordable price, they quickly began to be in demand in a number of countries.

Since April 2009, Jingjiang Baoli Forklift Truck Co., Ltd. joined the KION Group consortium, which is one of the world's largest suppliers of loading and unloading equipment. The holding, along with German LINDE and STILL, includes the Italian OM, French Fenwick and Indian Voltas..


For Baoli, joining the consortium was a major step in business development. Indeed, thanks to KION, she was able to gain access to a developed dealer network and offer her products in most key markets. Almost immediately after the merger, the manufacturer became a key exporter of warehouse equipment in the Middle Kingdom.


Currently, Baoli’s warehouse equipment is represented in more than one hundred countries of the world and is one of the most technological. This was achieved thanks to equipping the assembly plant with advanced technical solutions, including installations for plasma and laser cutting. In addition, Baoli plants have modern conveyor belts for the production of loaders and components, and high-performance presses allow you to ensure high-quality work with rolled steel. In the year Baoli produces about twenty thousand vehicle sets and is constantly expanding the production line.


Today, the company sells forklifts with a payload capacity of up to ten tons. In the production range there are also modern loaders on an electric, the loading capacity of which can vary from one to three tons, as well as other storage equipment.


The company's headquarters is located in Germany, the production area is in one of the industrial regions of China. The plant produces hand and electric trucks, electric stackers, traction platforms, Baoli forklifts with electric motors and internal combustion engines. In the production of machines used laser and plasma cutting, bending presses, automated painting, conveyor assembly, hydraulic press.