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Corbitt TM 9-813 6-ton 6x6 Truck 1951 Operator Manual
Corbitt TM 9-813 6-ton 6x6 Truck 1951 Operator Manual
Corbitt TM 9-813 6-ton 6x6 Truck 1951 Op
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History of Corbitt Trucks

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In 1899 the American company Corbitt was founded, specializing in the creation of agricultural machinery. However, in 1907 there was a gradual abandonment of this type of production, and the brand completely switched to the production of heavy trucks.


Its first 1.5-ton truck with chain drive firm Corbitt built in 1910


In the US Army, it was used during the WW1, which enabled in 1916, significantly expanding its program, to supply trucks brand Corbitt in 23 countries worlds.


Corbitt's inexpensive and reliable trucks were not widely known among the mass buyer, the main purchases were made by the government of the United States of America, modernizing them at the plants of the United Industrial Company and transferring it to the armed forces of the country.


Such a decision was caused by fear of leakage of information, which could become disastrous in the course of preparation for war.

In 1925, Corbitt released its first light bulldozer, which became the initial mass model of the brand - almost all large US farms purchased this model.


Nevertheless, in 1928 during the Great Depression, the production of civil versions of bulldozers was curtailed, and they began to be produced exclusively on the basis of the government's defense order.


Having successfully survived the crisis and the WW2, the company began to develop technology that would facilitate the development of minerals in Alaska.


In the early 50's. Corbitt supplied its army tractors D800N35 (4x4) and 800V60 (6x6) with Cummins diesel engines with a capacity of 150-200 hp to the army and the US Navy, as well as the D404 (6x6) cockpit chassis with single cab.


However, the sharp decline in the number of orders for the army and production turnover, Corbitt was purchased in 1952 by the United Industrial Company of the United States, which had big plans to create a new type of equipment for the army.


By 1954, several prototypes of heavy trucks for the transport of weapons and tans were produced, after which the company was immediately closed.


All rights to the factories and developments of Corbitt went to the former co-owner, the company Kaiser Motors, which used the concept of the Corbitt transmission in the production of a new generation of off-road vehicles for the US Army.

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