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Bis Rexx
Bis Rexx Mining Truck
Bis Rexx Brochure
Bis Rexx Brochure
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Review of Bis Rexx Mining Truck

Bis REXX Mining Truck Tech Manual PDF above the page.


BIS trucks was founded in 1915.


Not so long ago, Bis engineers built the innovative Rexx off-road truck at their plant in Western Australia.


According to the manufacturer, thanks to this loaded up to 160 tons, the Rexx is able to travel at a speed of 60 km / h 4 times further (35-40 km) than conventional dump trucks.


Tippers familiar to us are limited in this very range - they simply overheat and fail the tires. And for standard tires that Rexx truck uses, heating is completely uncritical.


In addition, in case of breaking one wheel or even several, you can safely continue to move.


The unique multi-axis design also provides a more even load distribution along 5 axes and 20 tires - this allows the truck to work in the most severe conditions.


Surprisingly, the turning circle of such an unusual truck is only 13.6 meters, so it’s reasonable to talk about its maneuverability in enclosed work spaces.


At the same time, Bis claims that Rexx truck has a fuel consumption that is half as much as that of conventional dump trucks, and this, they say, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which is an important component in the sale of products for many markets on the planet.


Bis Rexx uses Cummins engines.

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