Excavator · 16. March 2020
The 19C-1E fully charged electric mini digger can last a typical shift all day. The excavator can be charged in two hours using a three-phase charger for 380-420 V or in eight hours when connected to a 220-240 V. A 12-hour charge is also possible with a 110 V on-board charger. The manufacturer also noted that a system with three batteries is able to maintain 85% of its capacity even after 2000 cycles of full charge and discharge, which, according to JCB, are about ten years of operation.
Truck · 16. March 2020
Now Bugatti swung at the truck tractor. Designer Pratiush Devadas, who works for Dongfeng in China, offered his vision for a trunk truck. It is called the Bugatti Hyper Truck. Belonging to the great brand is emphasized by a signature cutout in the form of the letter "C" in the front of the truck. Moreover, the driver's cab, if he is there, seems to be suspended inside this cutout. And the lower part of the “letter” turned into a front bumper.
Tractor · 27. November 2018
Each automaker prepared for April 1 in its own way. Porsche, for example, has added the Mission E electric car with a tractor. The success of the electric crossover at the Geneva Motor Show inspired specialists to further develop electric transport. Porsche Mission E Tractor will revolutionize agriculture. The novelty combines modern technology with the design of tractors manufactured by a German company in the mid-1950s.
Truck · 19. November 2018
The company Nikola Motor unveiled the first sketches of the hydrogen truck truck Nikola Two. Details about his hybrid eAxle powerplant, developed in collaboration with Bosch, have become known. The Nikola Two hydrogen truck tractor will hit the market in 2021, as will its elder brother, Nikola One. The company Nikola Motor has published the first sketches of new items that are significantly different from the early versions that appeared in late 2016.
Truck · 19. November 2018
The company Nikola Motor announced the date of the presentation of the hydrogen-electric tractor, designed specifically for the European market. After the presentation of the revolutionary hydrogen truck Nikola One in December 2016, Nikola Motor paid attention to the European market. It was announced that in the framework of the Nikola World event, which will be held April 16-17 2019 in the city of Phoenix, a hydrogen tractor for Europe debuts. The truck will be called Nikola Tre.
Truck · 17. October 2018
Volvo Trucks has introduced the autonomous electric truck of the future Vera, which is characterized by the complete absence of the driver’s cab. The solution is designed for regular and repeated trips, which are characterized by relatively short distances, large volumes of goods and high accuracy of delivery. A typical example of such transport problems are, for example, flights between logistics points, but possible and other options.
Truck · 22. June 2018
The debut of the German lion cub MAN TGE with a total weight of 3.0 to 5.5 tons was very convincing. The product line consisted of an all-metal van, half-glazed combi, a passenger minivan and a chassis with a single and double cabin. Cars have front, rear or four-wheel drive. They are available with two wheelbases (standard and elongated), three roof options (normal, high and extra-high), three length options.
Truck · 02. April 2018
Scania S & R Series 2016. Gross weight: over 16 tons. Sales start: Fall 2016. Let's start with the fact that before Scania had a new generation of trucks, it was almost 21 years. For some it will seem like a very long period, but for trucks, the generation change takes place on average once every 20 years. Too much investment in development, time to prepare for production and debugging machines The development of the new truck took 10 years and investments in the amount of $ 2.35 billion.
Truck · 17. March 2018
In honor of Mack Anthem's debut of the new generation, a press conference was held at which John Walsh, vice president of global marketing John Walsh, said that "Mack is the only US truck manufacturer that can declare that all trucks sold in the United States are produced here , in USA" The designers of the company tried in a novelty to embody the image of the "true American tractor" while preserving the Mack branded features so that it could be recognized at a glance.
Truck · 22. February 2018
February 21, the debut of a heavy-duty truck Mercedes-Benz eActros, working exclusively on electric traction. Back in 2016 at the IAA 2016 in Hanover, Mercedes-Benz presented the concept of an electric heavy-duty truck - for the first time in the world. And one and a half years later, on February 21, 2018, the light saw a pre-series version of the car - Mercedes-Benz eActros. Mercedes-Benz eActros is equipped with the portal driving bridge ZF AVE 130, which is already installed on hybrid and h

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