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BT Forklift Operator Manual PDF

BT spe125 spe160 Electric Stacker Operator Manual
BT spe125 spe160 Electric Stacker Operator Manual
BT spe125 spe160 Electric Stacker Operat
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BT C4D500E

History of BT Forklift Trucks

BT Forklift Truck Operator Manual PDF above this page.


There's a BT spe125 spe160 Electric Stacker Operator Manual.


1948 The first equipment for hand carts BT


1949 The revolutionary pallet (later known as a EUR pallet) - 800x1200 mm in size - was introduced. Cooperation between BT and the Swedish railway company.


1954 The first BT service centers in Sweden


1958 BT starts exporting manual stackers


In the 1960s, mass production of walkie-talkies and stackers began


Exports of the 1960s rose to 50% of total production


1960s Export BT Cooperates with aircraft manufacturer SAAB for the production of aviation hydraulics


1968 BT production plant opens in Mölby, Sweden


1978 BT introduces a truck without a driver as part of its extended range


1983 BT launches the first 48-volt truck


The 1980s. The concept of the E-type was introduced, where BT adopted an innovative approach to Ergonomics, Efficiency and Economics

1988 To strengthen its position in North America, BT acquired the US company Prime-Mover and the Canadian Lift Rite


1997 The further strengthening of the American market was made when The Raymond Corporation was incorporated into the ownership of BT


1999 was acquired by the Italian manufacturer of auto-cylinders, CESAB, and the product line expanded, the BT Cargo brand is exported all over the world


In the late 1990s, BT was represented in more than 70 countries in the world


2000 BT Industries joins Toyota through acquisition


2001 Toyota Industries Corporation becomes the world leader in the field of loading and unloading equipment


2004 Mjölby Plant receives ISO 14001 certificate for leading environmental management


2006 Container forklift in Bologna, Italy receives ISO 14001 certificate for class riding environmental management


2006 60th Anniversary of BT Loading and Unloading Equipment