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Clark SSX 12 14 16 Operator Manual
Clark SSX 12 14 16 Operator Manual
Clark SSX 12 14 16 Operator Manual.pdf
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Clark Tractor CTE Operator Manual
Clark Tractor CTE Operator Manual
Clark Tractor CTE Operator Manual.pdf
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Clark C 40 Forklift

Clark Forklift History

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The history of the company is more than a century old and began in 1903 by the manufacture of a machine for transporting sand and unprocessed casting. This mechanism is considered the forefather of modern industrial forklifts. The first tractor Tractractor was released in 1917. Its main task was to transport cargo between warehouses.


In 1918, 8 tractors were produced, and in 1919 - 75 such tractors.


Today, the American company produces a wide range of equipment and equipment for the warehouse. Clark produces diesel (load-carrying capacity 1.6-16 tons), gas (load-carrying capacity 1.6-7.5 tons) and electric (load-carrying capacity 1-7.5 tons) loaders.


In manufacture also warehouse logistics, manufacturing of bogies, and also loading-unloading technics. Clark products comply with the standards of ISO 9001 and 14001. The internal control system, implemented in the production, allows to control the quality at all its stages.

Another milestone in the history of the campaign was the opening in 2007 of a Clark representative office in Europe (in the German city of Mülheim). At the new location of the Clark Disposition - the central spare parts warehouse and equipment warehouse, which allows you to quickly deliver from Europe.


The European office has already managed to surround itself with a wide network of partners. However, Clark sets himself a more ambitious goal: 95% of the spare parts must be in the European warehouse. To accomplish this, there is an electronic spare parts order system and the Clark PartsPro System document access program.


All this helps the partners of the company not only to effectively identify spare parts for the Clark technique, which was issued since 1961, but also to get access to the necessary documentation.


An important event in the development of the company was the release in 2008 of two new electric forklift trucks GEX and GTX with a significantly improved indicator of turning radius.


The year 2011 became a landmark for the company. Now, production of machinery was started in Mexico and the first tractor CTX 40/70 was produced.

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