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REO TM9-2320-209-34P Operator Manual
REO Truck TM9-2320-209-34P Operator Manual
REO TM9-2320-209-34P Operator Manual.pdf
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REO TM9-2320-361-20 Operator Manual
REO Truck TM9-2320-361-20 Operator Manual
REO TM9-2320-361-20 Operator Manual.pdf
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Diamond REO c525 Truck
Diamond Reo Giant Truck C11644DB

History of REO Trucks

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Ransom Olds founds the R.E.Olds Motor Car Company, and the search for land to build the plant begins in a hurry.


Here, former employers are suing, demanding that Olds’s name be removed from the name of the new company, there’s nothing left to do but enter their initials in the company name, and the company is now called REO Motor Car Company, the most interesting thing is that Oldsmobile, so that there is no confusion.


The first prototype was ready in October 1904, Olds took part in it in sports competitions and did not get to the finish line due to a breakdown, and finally by the end of November it was possible to bring the car to mind.


By design, this truck is not far from the Oldsmobile Cruved Dash 5HP, because the motor was also located under the floor in the center, but under the motor already had two cylinders with a volume of 3.7, it gave a return of 16 l / s, the planetary 2-speed gearbox brought the rear wheels with the help of a chain.


In 1906, Ransom Olds is trying to enter the market of 4-cylinder cars with the Four-24 model, but this car did not interest the public at all, so in 1907 it was decided not to produce it, and in 1908, thanks to models A and B, it becomes the third car production in the United States, after the firms Ford and Buick, in the same season, the company began to produce trucks.

In 1910, Olds repeated his attempt, releasing a 4-cylinder 3.7l 35ti strong model 30 / 35HP with a cardan drive and front engine, the car began to enjoy such demand that already in 1911m from the catalogs disappeared mono and two-cylinder models. In 1911, this car was renamed the Model R / Model S, and after them came the Model K with a 3-liter engine with a capacity of 22 l / s.


The company begins to actively produce trucks, with the beginning of the Second World War, the company also produces cars Studebaker.


In 1954, the company was bought by the concern Bohn Aluminum and Brass Corporation of Detroit, in 1957, the company was bought by the company White Motor Company, which also produced only trucks by that time.


In 1967, White Motor Company buys out another old truck manufacturer, Diamond T Trucks, and creates a subsidiary of Diamond-Reo Trucks, Inc., which operates independently until early December 1974, and declared itself bankrupt. 


After the bankruptcy, two businessmen from Pennsylvania, Loyal Österlund and Ray Husil, bought the brand, but they began to use only the name Diamond T, so that the initials of Ranson E. Olds disappeared from truck catalogs in 1975 and in 2004, the oldest American brand Oldsmobile, which was then among only a few existing brands that had their ancestry since the end of the 19th century, went down in history.

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