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IVECO Trakker Operator's Manual PDF

Iveco Trakker Tipper Truck
IVECO Trakker Operator's Manual
IVECO Trakker Operator Manual
IVECO Trakker Operator Manual.pdf
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History of Iveco Trakker

There's the IVECO Trakker Truck Operator Manual PDF above the page.


Iveco Trakker is a family of large-capacity trucks manufactured by the Italian company Iveco.


The models in this series have a reinforced structure and increased carrying capacity.


Trucks are designed for mining, construction and forestry operations.


The first large-tonnage truck of the EuroTrakker family rolled off the assembly line in 1993.


Three years later, a vehicle modification with an 8x8 wheel arrangement was put into production.


In 2000, trucks received a new line of Cursor engines.


Trakker trucks are equipped with 8 or 13 liter engines. The proposed power units develop power from 310 to 500 hp.


The standard versions of Trakker vehicles are equipped with an automatic EuroTronic gearbox with 12 gearshifts.


Transmission modes are controlled by levers on the instrument panel and steering column. As an additional option in trucks, 9- and 16-speed automatic transmissions of the ZF brand can be installed.

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