ATLAS Excavator Manual & Wiring Diagram PDF

Atlas 1304-1604 Wiring Diagram
Atlas 1304-1604 Wiring Diagram
Atlas 1304-1604 Wiring Diagram.pdf
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Atlas 1404 Adjusting instructions
Atlas 1404 Adjusting instructions
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History of Atlas Heavy Equipment

There're some ATLAS Excavator's Manual & Electric Wiring Diagram PDF above the page.


Atlas Maschinen GmbH (Germany) was formed by separation from Atlas Weyhausen GmbH. In 2010, I purchased a range of crawler and wheeled excavators, specialized railway excavators, stationary rotary cranes, as well as Terex Atlas brand loaders from Terex.


Specialization: production and sale of earth-moving and lifting equipment for construction.



- Atlas Maschinen GmbH - Germany (Ganderkesee): excavators and loaders, Delmenhorst: cranes / manipulators

- Atlas Cranes UK - United Kingdom (Bradford): small, medium and large cargo cranes - manipulators

- Kaelble (BIG) - Bulgaria: excavators and front loaders (for Atlas Maschinen)


Full name: Atlas Maschinen GmbH


Briefly: Atlas


Founded in: 1919


Technics Atlas, Kaelble: excavators, loaders.


German manufacturing plants Atlas Maschinen GmbH and Atlas Cranes UK produce and sell:


backhoe loaders / crawler / track excavators,

cranes-manipulators of all sizes,

one-bucket loaders with diesel engine of medium / heavy class and with a rotary turret,

hydraulic milling heads for excavators,

scrap and forest handlers,

spare parts (ATLAS Spare Parts GmbH).