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Mack Granite
Mack Granite Series (GU-series) Operator's Manual
Mack Granite Series (GU-series) Operator's Manual
Mack Granite Series (GU-series) Operator
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History of Mack Granite Truck

There's a MACK GRANITE (GU) Truck Operator's Manual PDF above the page.


Mack Granite construction and mining trucks have been in production since 2002.


Cars are on sale with 11-liter Mack MP7 engines, 13-liter MP8 engines, and 9-liter Cummins ISL engines.


Motor power is 325-505 hp. The trucks are equipped with both a manual gearbox and an automatic.


You can buy Mack Granite trucks in America, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.


Mack Granite is equipped with Lexan impact-resistant headlights that can withstand even the impact of a stone, but at the same time, changing the light bulb does not require special tools and takes less than a minute.


The cab of the Mack Granite truck, mounted on air springs, thanks to this design, the truck is able to absorb road roughness, reducing vibration, which has a positive effect on reducing driver fatigue.


The D-shaped fuel tank of the Mack Granite truck allows you to hold more fuel.


Sun visor: Stainless steel or painted sun visors provide good protection from the sun.


The truck's well-designed instrument panel is within reach, and is curved so that all switches and controls are within easy reach of the driver.


The Mack Granite panel itself is equipped with standard instruments such as engine oil temperature, digital voltmeter, fluid temperature, fuel level.


It also has a large LCD display that provides the driver with information about engine hours, outside temperature, fuel consumption.


In addition, there is a separate slot for installing a GPS system or a monitor for a rear view camera.


Optionally, it is possible to install a regular radio station Mack Radio, which is capable of providing the driver with hands-free communication via Bluetooth.

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