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Challenger MT800 Series Tractor Parts Manual
Challenger MT800 Series Tractor Parts Manual
Challenger MT800 Series Tractor Parts Ma
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Challenger MT800B Series Tractor Parts Manual
Challenger MT800B Series Tractor Parts Manual
Challenger MT800B Series Tractor Parts M
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Challenger MT685d

Challenger Tractors History

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The history of the Challenger brand began more than 125 years ago in North America with the experiment of two American inventors - Holt and  Best, who were the first to use a steam engine on agricultural tractors. In the distant 1889, D. Best presented the world with the first steam-driven tractor, but it turned out that such a machine is slow and has too much weight for working with soft fertile soil. It was then that the second inventor, Holt, proposed a solution to the problem by increasing the area of contact between the tractor and the ground and replacing the wheels with caterpillars. The first  tractor appeared in 1904.


The modernized Holt tractor was tested and became the beginning of the history of the new trade mark Caterpillar. The researcher officially registered his brand and launched its own production at the Holt Manufacturing Company.


Meanwhile, the son of the first inventor Best, Clarence Leo, continuing his father's business, worked on creating his own caterpillar tractor and in 1913 succeeded. Then there was a tractor under the brand Tracklayer, assembled at the Leo plant - C. L. Best Tractor Company.


A new chapter in the history of Challenger tracked tractors began in 2002, when AGCO acquired the rights to the Caterpillar brand, since then the range of equipment produced under the Challenger brand has expanded significantly: self-propelled sprayers, trailed tillage and seeding equipment, etc. Most modern and high-performance Challenger tracked vehicles are equipped with fully integrated Autoguide automatic steering and telemetry systems, which allows them to more efficiently build the work of agricultural enterprises.

CHALLENGER Tractor line-up.


MT 500D Series. The technics on wheels with capacity of diesel motors within the limits of 140 - 225 l. from. In a series of five economical and reliable units. The PowerBoost system is responsible for high power when running at low speed. Installed enlarged tanks allow machines to work for a long time without stopping for refueling;


MT 600C Series. Economical and environmentally friendly units. Motors on diesel with a maximum output of 370 liters. from. The advanced TechStarCVT gearbox is responsible for infinitely variable speed switching;

MT 700C and MT 700D. PowerShift 16F / 4R gearbox for rubber reinforced tracks. The power of the engines on the diesel 290-382 liters. from. The technique is maneuverable and passable even in wetlands;


MT 800C. A line of powerful and heavy machines capable of operating under any climatic conditions. A well-thought-out scheme of the running gear and transmission PowerShift makes tractors productive and with good traction. In this series MT 875C - the most powerful tractor in the world;


MT 900. Wheel heavy units. With impressive dimensions, the tractors are quite maneuverable, since a hinged-articulated frame is used. The diesel engine has a capacity of 430 liters. from. Fuel tank of increased size.


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