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KATO Crane & Excavator Manuals PDF

KATO HD1023 Excavator Operator Manual
KATO HD1023 Operator Manual
KATO HD1023 Operator Manual.pdf
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KATO SR-700LS Crane Instruction Manual
KATO SR-700LS Instruction Manual
KATO SR-700LS Instruction Manual.pdf
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KATO SR-700LS Operator Manual
KATO SR-700LS Operator Manual
KATO SR-700LS Operator Manual.pdf
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Kato SR-250R
Kato Crane

History of KATO Works

Some KATO Works Crane Operator Manuals PDF above the page - HD, SR.


The company Kato was founded in 1895 in Japan and was called Kato Works. Initially she was engaged in the production of construction, lifting and industrial equipment, and quite successfully.


Products under the Kato brand were distinguished by reliability and high quality, due to which they achieved the leading positions.


Since 1923 the company has started to specialize in the production of rail motor cars and locomotives with internal combustion engines.


In 1938, Kato factories began to produce cranes, road rollers, tractors and engines.


In 1959 the model range was replenished with automobile cranes, drilling rigs and hydraulic excavators.


In 1963 under the brand name Kato, drainage and sweepers, as well as serial truck cranes, were produced. Four years later, fully hydraulic excavators were started.

Kato specialists have been working on the development of new technologies and the invention of equipment meeting all modern requirements for the whole time of the company's existence, therefore Kato can be called the flagship in the production of special equipment.


Following the locomotives, the company's inventions included numerous all-terrain cranes, cranes with undercarriages running several other types of special equipment.


But it is thanks to the production of crane equipment that Kato has gained worldwide recognition and recognition.


In addition, the main assortment was replenished with snow-removal equipment, vacuum equipment and many other goods for special vehicles.


In 2004 the company received the certificate of conformity of the quality of its products to the European standards ISO 9001.


The company cares not only about the quality of its equipment, but also about the wishes of the customers themselves.


The Kato team began to master the international market in the middle of the 20th century, and today its machinery is supplied to more than 120 countries.


Products of Kato is a reliable assistant in many fields of human activity, the company continues to please with its new developments and interesting ideas.

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