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McCormick T-MAX Product Guide Manual
McCormick T-MAX Product Guide Manual
McCormick T-MAX Product Guide Manual.pdf
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McCormick cx75-cx85-cx95-cx105 Service Manual
McCormick cx75-cx85-cx95-cx105 Service Manual
McCormick_cx75-cx85-cx95-cx105 Service M
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McCormick X4

History of McCormick Tractors

Some McCORMICK Tractor Manuals PDF above the page - T-MAX, CX75, CX85, CX95, CX105.


McCormick, Cyrus Hall (1809-1884), American inventor and breeder.


Born February 15, 1809 in the district of Rockbridge (Virginia). He studied at a local school.

In 1831 he invented and patented a plow for plowing up slopes, in the same year he constructed a mechanical reaping machine.


Seven of its main units (divider, reel, reciprocating machine, fingers and inserts, platform, wheel with main drive, side feed actuator) are used in modern designs.


In 1847 McCormick opened a factory in Chicago to produce harvesters and in the first year sold 800 units.

In 1857 he offered his header in the European market. Developed and implemented modern methods of production and marketing of products, which contributed to the creation and dissemination of other agricultural tools.


He took part in the development of the mining industry and railway transport, was engaged in publishing newspapers, charity and political activities.


McCormick died in Chicago on May 13, 1884.


McCormick was one of the companies that later became part of International Harvester. The international tractor company McCormick produces tractors at a factory, formerly owned by International Harvester (IH), in Doncaster, England.


This plant in Doncaster was acquired by International Harvester in 1939 and began production of tractors in 1949. When Case-International acquired IH in 1985, the plant continued to manufacture tractors.


However, after the merger of Case and New Holland in 1999, regulators demanded that the new Case-New Holland company sell the plant in Doncaster.


Then the company bought AGCO this plant and allowed McCormick Tractors International to manage it, which returned the tractors to the name McCormick.

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