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EBRO Tractor Workshop Service Manual 350 460 Series
EBRO Tractor Workshop Service Manual 350 460 Series
EBRO Tractor Workshop Service Manual 350
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EBRO Tractor Service Manual 155E 160E 470 684E Series
EBRO Tractor Service Manual 155E 160E 470 684E Series
EBRO Tractor Service Manual 155E 160E 47
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Ebro Tractor 6080 6100 6125 DT

EBRO Truck & Tractor History

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Ebro was a Spanish manufacturer of medium and heavy trucks, buses, all-wheel drive off-road vehicles and tractors.


Forerunner of the Ebro brand was founded in 1920 in Spain Ford subsidiary called "Ford Motor Co. SAE", which was initially located in Cádiz and from 1923 in Barcelona. In 1929, the company changed its name to "Ford Motor Ibérica SA". Throughout the period until the Second World War, cars, trucks, buses and tractors of the Ford program were assembled and sold under the name "Ford" in Spain.


The Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, who was supported during the Spanish Civil War, among others by the US competitors General Motors and Chrysler, but not by Ford, urged after the war on a name change the brand name. Since then the English Fordson Thames 7V (later Fordson Thames ET and Thames Trader), built under license, they decided based on the River Thames, where the Ford UK plant Dagenham is, for the Spanish river name Ebro. The first car received the model name Ebro 7V. In 1954, the plant was nationalized and Ford sold its shares in Ebro Motor Ibérica. The cooperation with Ford UK, however, continued until 1965.

In the 1960s, the Ebro Motor Ibérica took over the Spanish company FADISA, a company that built products of Alfa Romeo, Avia, Perkins and AISA under license.


In 1966, the agricultural machinery manufacturer Massey Ferguson acquired 32% of the shares in Motor Ibérica and became a cooperation partner for tractors and engines. With the end of the Franko dictatorship, the licensed production of Alfa Romeo and Jeep products also gradually ended.


In 1976, the P-series appeared, a truck up to 27 tons in total weight. In 1979, the E-Series was introduced as the successor to the Alfa Romeo licensed product.


Massey Ferguson sold his 33% stake in Nissan in search of a European manufacturing base in late 1979 due to the economic crisis. In 1981, the agricultural machinery division was sold to Kubota and renamed now under the name "Ebro-Kubota". At the same time Nissan increased its stake to 55%.


In 1982, the Nissan Cabstar F22 was the first European Nissan model produced in the factory in Barcelona and other Nissan models followed. In 1986, Nissan Ebro completely acquired the Ibérica engine. In 1987, the company was renamed Nissan Motor Ibérica. The still produced by Ebro E-Series was renamed the Nissan Trade, the P series discontinued.