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Daewoo Tata Novus
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daewoo ultra novus catalog_parts_dl06_dk08_dv11
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Daewoo Truck History

A few Daewoo Truck Manual & Wiring Diagram PDF shown above.


Look above - DAEWOO Truck Novus Service Parts Manual & Wiring Diagrams PDF.


Daewoo (Daewoo Motor Co., Ltd.), the South Korean firm specializing in artomobiley release. Headquartered in Seoul.


In 1972, the Korean government legislated the right to engage artomotive production of four companies - Kia, Hyundai Motor, Asia Motors and Shinjin. Then merged companies Kia and Asia Motors. A Shinjin company has developed into a joint venture Daewoo and General Motors, and a few years later - the company Daewoo Motor.


Pretty young dynamic company "Daewoo" until 1993 worked with General Motors. In 1995 the company Daewoo has appeared on the German market with models of small class Nexia and Espero - average.


Daewoo Nexia represents the latest generation of the ever-memorable Opel Kadett E, which began to produce under license in 1986 in Korea. Exports to the United States and Canada artomobil was called Pontiac Le Mans, in the local market, he became known as Daewoo Racer. After another modernization in March 1995, the model was renamed the Nexia (Cielo for Korea). And soon the assembly was transferred to Daewoo affiliates in different countries: "UzDaewoo" - in Uzbekistan, "Krasny Aksay" - in Russia and Rodae - in Romania.


The front-drive hatchback Tico class "mini" for city trips to the Suzuki Alto base is made in South Korea since 1988, since 1996 - in Uzbekistan.


Until 1993 the company has worked with General Motors (GM). By early 1996 Daewoo has built three major technical centers: in Worthing (United Kingdom), near Munich (Germany) and Pulyane (Korea). The main technical project manager of the company is Ulrich Bez (formerly a senior manager of BMW).


Since 1993, the sedan is produced Prince and more comfortable version Brougham on the basis laid off car Opel Senator.


Espero sedan designed by Bertone based aggregates model Opel-Ascona. It was first presented in 1993.


In late 1997 the company introduced at the IAA last three models - Lanos, Nubira and Leganza.


 Lanos was developed and put into production within 30 months and cost the company 420 million. Dollars. This is the first private company to Daewoo construction. In the Russian version of the Lanos Assol. Lanos manufactured to replace the earlier model of Nexia, borrowed from her suspension and steering.


Daewoo Nubira own development company (branch in England), design - I.D.E.A. Work on the model Nubira (in Korean "travel the world") began in 1993 and lasted 32 months. The design was developed in Worthing and the first model, modified in the future, was presented at the end of 1994. This is golf class artomobil with a transverse engine and front-wheel drive, which replaced Espero. The Russian version is called "Orion".


Leganza - an attempt to produce a model of the business class. The most comfortable and equipped with artomobil company. The basis of the design of this model is taken artomobilya body Opel Senator, modified Italian company Italdesign specialists. "Condor" Russian analogue of the Korean model.


Daewoo Matiz, a model mini-car with a transverse engine and front wheel drive. model was first presented in 1998 in Geneva. At the Paris Motor Show in October 2000, it was an updated version of the Daewoo Matiz.


In 1998 the company Daewoo has faced great difficulties after the Asian financial crisis. However, the South Korean government refused the idea to nationalize the company. For the right to purchase its struggling largest corporations in the world.


South Korean Daewoo since September 2002 officially came under the jurisdiction of General Motors, changing its name to GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co .. Today Daewoo brand familiar to domestic consumers mainly due car produced in Uzbekistan at the "UzDaewoo", which remained outside of the newly created company.


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