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Volvo FM Operator's Manual
Volvo FM Operator's Manual
Volvo FM Operator Manual.pdf
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History of Volvo FM

There's a VOLVO FM Truck Operator's Manual PDF above the page.


The progenitor of the FM truck series was the successful FL7 model, the history of which has been going on since the 80s of the last century. This model has been offered to the market in a wide variety of options and modifications for 20 years.


1st generation (1998-2000): FM7, FM10, FM12. The models were equipped with engines D7C, 7.3 liters (250-290 hp), D10B, 9.6 liters (320-360 hp), D12C, 12.1 liters (380-420 hp)


First introduced I-Shift gearbox (12 speeds). The unit is designed specifically for long-distance freight transport. The first "automatic machine": works in two modes. Standard gearbox mechanics and automatic gearboxes were also installed.


2nd generation (2001 - 2013). The second generation of Volvo becomes a "designer": on the basis of the FM platform, you can create 12 types of trucks: both for the city and for the highway.


The SCR pre-exhaust system has been introduced. Redesigned VEB + Volvo engine brake.


3rd generation (since 2013). The FM series is finally being formed as a mid-range truck. Driving comfort is given maximum attention.

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