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Renault Master
Renault Master User's Manual
Renault Master User's Manual
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History of Renault Master

There's a RENAULT Master Truck Owner's  Manual PDF above the page.


The company Renault released the first Renault Master in the early 80s of the last century. Renault Master is characterized by innovative equipment and excellent organization of driving safety.


Reliability and ease of use of this model in combination with many functions for which a car is suitable makes it the best in its category.


Renault Master will help you move and transport furniture, comfortably deliver you and your family to the cottage or the sea.


The cabin can accommodate not only passengers but also luggage using special large shelves and niches.


Separately, about the driver's cab: an advanced control panel, increased sound insulation, excellent viewing radius, plenty of free space and soft seats. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail.


Specifications: 2.3 liter capacity, diesel with injection distribution (this system is called the Common Rail), 6 speeds in the transmission, a 74 hp engine.

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