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SCANIA S series Truck Manual PDF

Scania S series
SCANIA S series Dismantling Workshop Manual
SCANIA S series Dismantling Workshop Manual
SCANIA S series Dismantling Workshop Man
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History of Scania S trucks

There's a Scania S-series Truck Workshop Manual PDF above the page.


Scania S-series truck production began in 2016.


When creating the new generation of Scania, special attention was paid to aerodynamics. All truck parts have been optimized for minimal air resistance. Even rear window wipers, mirrors and headlights have been designed with this in mind.


In the new generation of truck, drag is reduced, which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption by 2%. the performance seems insignificant, but with regular use this leads to significant fuel savings.


Moreover, in combination with new diesel engines, fuel consumption will be reduced as a whole by 5%. The new design and shape of the mirrors also contribute to improved visibility.


All Euro-6 engines received new control systems. A 13 liter version of the 500 hp engine also appeared. with selective catalytic reduction system.


In addition to an economical diesel engine, Scania offers engines that use alternative fuels: biodiesel, natural gas, biogas.


Production of a new generation of trucks will begin at Scania's Södertälje factory.

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