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Aichi SP12 14CJ Service Manual
Aichi SP12 14CJ Service Manual
Aichi SP12 14CJ Service manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 29.7 MB
Aichi SR210 (E1,F1) Service manual
Aichi SR210 (E1,F1) Service manual
Aichi SR210 (E1,F1) Service manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 28.3 MB
Aichi SR181
Aichi SR181

History of Aichi Lifts

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Look above - Aichi SP12 14CJ Service ManualAichi SR210 (E1,F1) Service manual.


AICHI is a part of TOYOTA.


AICHI Sharyo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1962. During the 1960s, AICHI developed platforms for towers and air works, the latter of which earned AICHI a world reputation for quality.


During the 1970s, AICHI opened several factories and subsidiaries, strengthening our reputation as a world leader in the manufacture of scissor lifts.


In the 1980s, the company opened for public presence and was publicly sold on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1987.


The renamed corporation AICHI in 1992 continued to develop new technologies to create innovative platforms for working in the air in the 21st century.

Thanks to its growing global presence and loyal customer base, AICHI drew the attention of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) as one of the most reliable manufacturers of lifting working platforms in the world. Such an excellent product provided an opportunity to join two companies with close values, and AICHI officially became a subsidiary of TICO in 2003.


Today, customers often need both Toyota forklifts and aircraft maintenance equipment, such as AICHI Scissor lifts. Warehouse operators need to move products and maintain the functionality of warehouse shelves, tasks that require significantly different products.


The needs of the clients represented an excellent opportunity to get together and provide a full range of services for our customers.


After our commitment to customer service, Toyota began selling AICHI E-Series Scissor Lifts through its leading North American dealer network in March 2017.


With the Toyota dealer network, AICHI continues to provide excellent products and services to raise the antenna for North American customers.

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