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Renault Dokker
Renault Dokker Owner's Manual
Renault Dokker Owner Manual
Renault Dokker Owner Manual.pdf
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History & Specs of Renault Dokker

There's a RENAULT Dokker Commercial Vehicle Owner's Manual PDF above the page.


Renault Dokker has been produced in Morocco since 2012, in some markets the model is known under the Dacia brand.


Renault Dokker 1.5 dCi


A car equipped with a 1,5 liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 90 hp. The equipment of diesel cars is supplemented by a stabilization system, and for gasoline versions it is not available even for a surcharge.


Renault Dokker Stepway


The Stepway version features a decorative body kit, improved trim, and the equipment of the car is complemented by alloy wheels, side airbags and heated front seats.


Renault Dokker 1.6


Access basic equipment  - there are two airbags and ABS, but there isn’t even a glove compartment lid, a luggage rack, steering wheel adjustment and an on-board computer.

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