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ZETOR Forterra 95-125 Operator Manual
ZETOR Forterra 95-125 Operator Manual
ZETOR Forterra 95-125 Operator Manual.pd
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ZETOR Forterra TIER III Supplement Operator Manual
ZETOR Forterra TIER III Supplement Operator Manual
ZETOR Forterra TIER III Supplement Opera
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ZETOR 5011-7045 Service Manual
ZETOR 5011-7045 Service Manual
ZETOR 5011-7045 Service Manual.pdf
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ZETOR 5211-7745 Operator Manual
ZETOR 5211-7745 Operator Manual
ZETOR 5211-7745 Operator Manual.pdf
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History of ZETOR Tractors

Some ZETOR Tractor Operator Manuals & Service Manuals PDF are above the page - Forterra, 5211.


The Czech company Zbrojovka developed the model series before the Second World War. After the end of the WW2, she developed the prototype for the Zetor 25.


In the years 1946 to 1962, a total of 158,570 tractors of this type were produced, 97,000 of which were exported.


Even in the 1950s Zetor also produced motorcycle engines, firearms and typewriters.


In 1952 parts of the production were relocated to the site of the former Ostmark aircraft engine plant in Brno.


In 1961 tractors of the unifikované řady I series were presented.


The Zetor tractors of the 1960s were also more widespread in Burma, Ghana and Iraq. In order to manufacture more powerful tractors, the Czechoslovak-Polish Tractor Research Center was opened in 1962 on the Zetor site in Brno.


In 1964 began a collaboration with the Polish manufacturer Ursus.


Export figures continued to rise in the period that followed, with Zetor building production lines in Burma, India and Iraq.


From 1964 to 1993, more than 200,000 tractors were built there. In 1968, the unifikované řady II was presented. In the same year began a cooperation with the Japanese manufacturer Iseki. Over the next seven years, around 4,000 Zetor tractors were delivered to Iseki where they were rebuilt for the rice harvest.


In 1970, the manufacturing plant was opened in Iskandariya, Iraq. There until 1990 Tractors were manufactured under the brand Antar. In cooperation with Hindustan Machine ToolsZetor tugs were built in India from 1971 to 1990.


In 1979, 32,670 tractors were built in Brno, a record for the manufacturer. By a decision of the government in 1981 the production of heavy tractors was transferred to ZTS in the Slovak city of Martin.


In 1983, Zetor began exporting to the United States.

In the following years, more than 25,000 tractors were delivered there.


In the course of privatization, Zetor a.s. on 1 July 1990 on the stock exchange. The tractor production was split off. Zbrojovka, on the other hand, focused again on weapons production. From 1993, Zetor manufactured John Deere tractors for the John Deere 2000 series.


These tractors were designed primarily for the South American market. In June 2002, the Slovakian HTC-Holding became the owner of the company.


Today, the company owns "Zetor a.s." In addition to its main location in the Czech Republic, it also has branches in Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, North America and Poland.


The company Zetor, based in Brno, was taken over by Heunisch-Guss in the summer of 2006 and renamed Slévárna Heunisch Brno s.r.o.