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UAZ 3741-3303-3909 Operation Maintenance Manual
UAZ 3741-3303-3909 Operation Maintenance Manual
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UAZ Patriot Manual
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History of UAZ Trucks

Some of UAZ Truck Manuals PDF above the page - Patriot, 451, 3741, 3303.


Already in the beginning of 1942 was released the first products. The shop started manufacturing aircraft ammunition shells.


By early May 1942, the plant produced the first five ZIS-5. In February this year, the plant began assembling cars bench for the army. By July, the month increased rate of assembly. On the assembly line has gone down to 30 cars per day.


At this time UlZIS (Ulyanovsk Branch №4 VMS) officially becomes the parent company for the production of ZIS-5. On the front were sent dozens of trucks.


In autumn 1942 the plant began production of small-displacement engine P3 / 2 for the army. At year end, the company employed about 4,000 people already.


June 22, 1943, it was decided - to build a car plant in Ulyanovsk. As for industrial and residential construction has been allocated 200 hectares of land across the river Sviyaga. Subsequently, there has grown one of the largest areas of the city.

At the beginning of May 1943 the factory was made the first prototype truck UlZIS-253, operating on diesel fuel. It was his first automobile produced by the plant. According to its dynamic qualities and economic indicators, it was not inferior to famous American "Studebaker".


Specialists highly appreciated car. In late 1944, the production of ZIS-5 was transferred to the Urals in the city of Miass. Ulyanovsk plant began to develop and establish production of cars GAZ-AA The first such truck was released October 26, 1947.


March 13, 1949 the plant has produced 10 000 truck. At this time, for two shifts were produced by 140 cars. On festive demonstration November 7, 1947 was the prototype monochrome truck UAZ-300. In 1950, road tests have been conducted that truck proudly stood. But the production of this truck and has not begun.


March 4, 2004 was released the first truck on the basis of 3160 - UAZ-2360. In the same year, from April 17 to May 30 rally was held UAZ-2360, Simbir and UAZ Hunter from Krasnoyarsk to St Petersburg. On the way in most major cities conducted test drives new cars under the motto "All Terrain Output" competition and SUVs.

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