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DOOSAN Excavator Fault Codes DTC

DOOSAN Fault Codes DTC
Doosan Fault Codes DTC
Doosan Fault Codes DTC.pdf
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DOOSAN Excavator Fault Codes List DTC




12 NONE Signifies the end of one pass through the fault list

14 ECTSensorInputLow Normally set if the coolant sensor wire is shorted to ground

15 ECTSensorInputHigh Set if the coolant sensor wire is disconnected or open

16 ECTRangeHigh Coolant sensor has measured an excessive temperature or shorted to GND

22 ThrottleSensorInputLo TPS1 signal wire is open

23 ThrottleSensorInputHi TPS1 signal wire is shorted

24 ThrottleSensorRangeLo TPS Sensor malfunction

25 ThrottleSensorRangeHi TPS Sensor malfunction

26 ETCSticking ETC driver signal wire is open or the throttle plate is sticking inside the throttle body

27 PredictedTPSDifference TPS1 is different than calculated position

28 ETCSpringTestFailed Throttle return spring failed keyup test

29 ETCDriverFault Throttle driver over-current or driver signals shorted

33 MapSensorInputLow MAP signal disconnected or open circuit

34 MapSensorInputHigh MAP signal shorted or sensor failure

37 IATSensorInputLow TMAP sensor failure or shorted circuit

38 IATSensorInputHigh TMAP disconnected or IAT signal open

42 EST1Low Coil driver signal low or under current

43 EST1High Coil driver signal high or over current

52 LowOilPressure Low engine oil pressure

53 BatterySensorInputLow Battery voltage measured below 8.0 VDC

54 BatterySensorInputHigh Battery voltage measured above 15.9 VDC

55 XDRPSensorInputLow Measured sensor transducer power is below 4.6 VDC

56 XDRPSensorInputHigh Measured sensor transducer power is above 5.2 VDC

57 Engine OverSpeed RPM increased above maximum rpm setpoint

61 Pedal1SensorInputLo APP1 signal disconnected, open circuit or sensor malfunction

62 Pedal1SensorInputHi APP1 sensor failure or shorted circuit

63 Pedal1SensorRangeLo APP1 potentiometer malfunction

64 Pedal1SensorRangeHi APP1 potentiometer malfunction

65 Pedal2SensorInputLo APP2 sensor failure or shorted signal

66 Pedal2SensorInputHi APP2 signal disconnected, open circuit or sensor malfunction

67 Pedal2SensorRangeLo APP2 potentiometer malfunction

68 Pedal2SensorRangeHi APP2 potentiometer malfunction

69 Pedal1ToPedal2Difference Measured APP2 pedal position signal is different than APP1


71 AFRTrimValveOutput FTV modulation driver signal fault

72 AFRTrimValveLowerDC FTV duty cycle at lower (LEAN) limit

73 AFRTrimValveUpperDC FTV duty cycle at upper (RICH) limit

74 O2SensorSwitching O2 sensor not switching across the reference AFR voltage

77 OxygenSensorInputHigh O2 sensor signal shorted to +5 VDC

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