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IVECO Eurotech Cursor Service Manual PDF

iveco eurotech
IVECO Eurotech
IVECO Eurotech Cursor Service Repair Manual
IVECO Eurotech Cursor Service Repair Manual
Iveco Eurotech Eurostar Cursor Service R
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History of Iveco Trucks

There's an IVECO Eurotech Cursor Truck Service Repair Manual PDF above the page.


Iveco Eurotech - a series of trucks that has become one of the debut for the Italian company Iveco. It was presented in 1992, but you can still meet the model on the roads and the secondary market today.


On the basis of Eurotech, about nine hundred versions for various industrial sectors were created.


Machines are mainly used for the transportation of goods over long distances, for the installation of equipment at construction sites, as well as on-board platforms, lifts and vans.


The dimensions of the truck are quite impressive.


But with a length of 7.74 m, a width of 24.8 m and a height of 2.8 m, it is manoeuvrable and feels good both on high-speed wide roads and on narrow, clogged with vehicles, city streets.


The mass of the car is 8 tons, and as part of a road train - 44 tons.


The line of cabins is presented in four options: short with a standard top for traveling over short distances; short with a raised ceiling and a place to sleep at the top; long with a sleeping bag on the back and a regular or middle roof.


All of them are of modular type and quite comfortable.


The main qualities of Iveco Eurotech are reliability, high working capacity, profitability, safety.


The truck is suitable for use in harsh conditions.

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