Perkins 1104 series
Perkins 1104 series

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Perkins Engine History

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In 1932, Frank Perkins, inventor, entrepreneur and engineer, realized what an important role in the very near future will play diesel engines. To realize his idea, Perkins founded in Peterborough (England) is a small company, which initially worked only 7 people. Within a few months, Frank has created the first diesel engine, and very soon his case quickly went up the hill.


Frank Perkins


Frank Perkins of the English city of Peterborough launches its first 4 cylinder Vixen.


The first engine Perkins


During the year, it has produced 35 diesel engines, and a leading automobile company Commer Cars buys the whole lot.


Perkins Plant


Perkins Company becomes an official member of the Association of manufacturers and sales organizations engines. Production engine 556 reaches a year. Technical director Charles Chepmen finalizing modifications P4 and P6 engines.


Engines Perkins P4 and P6


Over the years, apart from the competition are the engines Perkins P4 and P6. These motors are available in Peterborough on Queen Street. They become a prototype for future more advanced versions Perkins engines and proudly.


Perkins Plant


In the period from 1937 to 1946 it produced 12,000 engines, mostly for the needs of shipbuilding. Now the demand for engines in the field of agriculture, industry and shipbuilding grew to 400 units per month.


Perkins plant in Peterborough


This year has become a turning point in the company's history. November 10 opened a factory in Eastfield, and the company from a family business develops into a corporation. Credo entrepreneur Frank Perkins - "As long as we have plans for the future and innovation, we will not stand still, and we have no one to overtake."


Perkins Asia


Perkins huge company is expanding its business outside the country from Latin America to Asia. The first representative of the company becomes Simpson & Co in India.


Application of Perkins engines


Perkins Company acquired its largest customer Massey Ferguson. Frank Perkins out from the active management of the company. But the company retains the name of the legendary Perkins.


Engines Perkins 6.354


As the successful continuation of the engine P6, modification 6.354 heralds a new era of growth in sales of Perkins engines in various applications. Since its inception, the company has released Perkins 2 000 000 engines. By this time, every tenth resident of Peterborough working on the Perkins plant.


Series engines Perkins 4.236


Due to the active mechanization of various industries 4.236 series engines drive the 4.5 million cars in the world and become a cult.


Engine Perkins V8.510


New Era trucks begins with the creation V8.510 modification.



At the age of 78 years, Frank Perkins dies at his home in Peterborough. In the same year Francis Chichester awarded for a single trip around the world in his car Gypsy Maf with engine Perkins 4.107.


Perkins Plant


Annual production of engines Perkins grows to 350 thousand a year. Pekrins becomes a full-fledged leader in its field.


Engines Perkins G4.203 and 4.203


Engine 4.108 (m), which is popular among shipbuilders and 4.2032 with improved combustion chamber, minimizing emissions, are already close to the modifications G4.203 and 4.203. Engines G4.203 and 4.203 are optimal for forklifts. For the first time the sales volume increased to 500 000 engines per year.


Perkins plant in Shryusberri


After Perkins Engines Limited acquires Rolls Royce Diesel International in Shrewsbury, the company gains a leading position in the UK market of trucks, military vehicles and generator sets.


10 millionth engine Perkins


Perkins notes the appearance of the 10 millionth engine. Actively going development of the first Prima engine with direct injection.


Perkins engines for the automotive industry


Production begins series engines for the industry and a large automotive industry.


Perkins Warehouse in Manchester


Opens new distribution center in Manchester parts. Now distributors have the opportunity at the international level to effectively influence the pricing policy for sales of spare parts.


Engine Perkins


Perkins acquires Dorman Diesels in Stafford (subsequently Perkins Engines Limited) and begins to develop the sector of diesel and gas turbine power plants. Large engines are precursors Dorman 4000 series.


Caterpillar and Perkins


Caterpillar Inc. company buys Perkins Engines Limited for 1.3 billion dollars, creating the biggest concern for the production of diesel engines in the world.

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