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IFA W 50 Manual
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History of IFA Trucks

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The world-famous brand IFA once belonged to several companies that manufacture cars on German companies that were part of the IFA industry association, which existed from 1947 beginning the company gained notoriety in the military autostructure. trucks produced by it "Phenomenon of Granite", and a little later - lightweight military vehicles with open bodies, enjoyed well-deserved popularity.


In the late seventies, the plant was again renamed again - this time he got the name of "People's IFA combine freight trucks."


Combining the two parts of Germany made it possible concern Daimler Benz reclaim their rightful property, so that in 1990 the legendary plant was returned to the former owner.


However, the quality of its products did not correspond to the level of the Europe market, so we had to adapt to new conditions and soon the IFA brand trucks were successfully replaced by another truck manufacturer - Mercedes-Benz.


Until now IFA symbol is of high quality.

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