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MERCEDES Sprinter Manuals PDF

MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter Parts Catalog
MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter Parts Catalog
MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter Parts Catalog.pdf
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MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter Operator's Manual
MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter Operator's Manual
MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter Operator's Manual
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MB Sprinter

History of MB Sprinter

There're some MERCEDES BENZ Sprinter Commercial Vehicle Manuals PDF above the page.


Sprinter was introduced in early 1995.


This small-tonnage freight truck with a gross weight of 2.6 to 4.6 tons was created for multi-profile use in various fields from the comfortable transportation of passengers to the transportation of building materials, at work and in a household farm.


In the segment of such commercial cars, it is characterized by multifunctionality and efficiency.


Mercedes Sprinter can be delivered as a minibus or van, as well as a chassis, chassis with an onboard or tipper platform, with a high and standard roof, with a double cab and three wheelbase options: 3.000, 3.550 and 4.025 m.

The truck is designed according to the most advantageous principle in this weight category: a supporting body, a semi-hood scheme, a longitudinally mounted front engine, rear-wheel drive. Along with VitoSprinter has been called the minivan of the Year for two years in a row.


This small truck is quite roomy: the usable volume of the Sprinter closed van is from 7 m3 (short base, regular roof) to 13.40 m3 (long base, high roof).


 In the option with a long base, you can easily load 4-meter boards or 4 standard pallets. Thanks to a sliding side door or through fully swinging open rear doors, loading with a loader is quite convenient.


In versions with an onboard platform or a tipper body, the car's carrying capacity is from 750 kg (gross weight 2.59) to 3715 kg, for transporting a crew of up to 7 people, you can order a Sprinter with a two-row cab.


When transporting passengers in a combi or passenger minibus, in addition to the driver, up to 9 people are comfortably accommodated.

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