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HOLMER Combine Harvester Fault Codes DTC

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Holmer TERRA DOS T3-2

HOLMER Combine Harvester Fault Codes DTC


All sensors and sensor angles are controlled by computers. Defective parts

displays on the terminal symbol "account" with the code of 3 digits. The first figure indicates the water bugs, and the second and third defective part.


Type of error


1xx = signal is too weak (circuit between ground and signal or insufficient supply voltage)


2xx = the signal is too strong (circuit between the plus and signal converter or malfunction

Errors machines until 2003


X 01 Potentiometer rear axle (Italy)

X 02 Potentiometer joint (Italy)

X 03 pressure sensor mesh conveyor

X 08 pressure sensor diesel

X 09 temperature sensor motor drive chassis

X 10 plate potentiometer probe

X 11 potentiometer opener

X potentiometer 12 front axle

X potentiometer 13 rear axle

X 14 potentiometer articulation

X potentiometer 15 sieve gratings

X 17 pressure sensor bridge 3rd

X 18 temperature sensor of the oil tank of the hydraulic system

X 19 motor temperature sensor

X 20 pressure sensor forward gear elevator (collection)

X 21 pressure sensor backstop the elevator (collection)

X 22 pressure sensor sieve stars

X 23 pressure sensor elevator

X 25 potentiometer pedal

X 28 pressure sensor drive forward gear

X 29 pressure transducer drive reverse


Errors machines since 2003 and since 2004


A X00 potentials Front axle Italy

A X01 potentials rear axle Italy

A X02 potentials Fold Italy

A X03 Pressure sensor separates the elevator

A X08 Pressure Sensor Pressure diesel

A X09 motor temperature sensor actuator movement

500 A main contactor contact (13/14) sticking

501 A main contactor contact (13/14) there is no contact

B X10 potentials Seeker topper

B X11 potentials working body

B X12 potentials front axle

B X13 potentials Rear Axle

B X14 potentials Bend

B X15 potentials grate

B X17 Pressure Sensor third axis

B X18 temperature sensor capacity hydraulic oil

B X19 temperature sensor diesel engine

B 413 Rotary speed, Beet intaker shaft

B 510 Main contactor contact (33/34) sticking

B 511 Main contactor contact (33/34) there is no contact

C X20 Pressure Sensor elevator Forward Run (Collection)

C X21 Pressure Sensor Elevator Reverse (Collection)

C X22 Pressure sensor asterisk sieve

C X23 Pressure Sensor Elevator

C X24 Pressure Sensor Foot brake pedal

C X25 potentials accelerator pedal

C X26 pressure sensor drive forward

C X27 Pressure sensor drive traffic back

C 425 Number of turns of the knife shaft <500 or> 2000 rev / min

C 521 Main contactor contact (43 (44) stuck

C 522 Main contactor contact (43 (44) no contact

C 6XX error in the fuel supply system with electronically controlled MAN (cipher is flashing)

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