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Ahrens-Fox Fire Truck Manual
Ahrens-Fox Fire Truck Manual
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History of Ahrens-Fox Trucks

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Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company was founded in 1910 by John Ahrens and Charles Fox for the manufacture of fire engines. Initially, the company produces steam pumps, after which it already specializes in machines.


Ahrens-Fox powerful pumps were talked about with exceptional admiration.


And Ahrens himself never missed an opportunity to tell that they manufacture absolutely all components in their own factory, including those gigantic-sized engines placed under the elongated hoods of fire engines.


The first motorized fire engine was launched by the company in 1911, and by the end of the next the production of horse-drawn fire systems was completely discontinued.


Since then, until 1977, Ahrens-Fox produced more than 1,500 units of fire fighting equipment. The company's products were easily recognizable by the chrome sphere on the pump, which was used to hold air and ensure uninterrupted outgoing pressure in the pump.

Ahrens-Fox launched its first as well as latest cabover model in 1955. The truck was significantly different from competitors' trucks.


The FCB prototype was equipped with a fully open cab and bus front. Open cabin trucks were released only 5 units, followed by Mack. Truck Inc. bought out C.D. Beck, and with it the production of Ahrens-Fox fire trucks.


Today, the name Ahrens-Fox is owned by HME, Incorporated, which also manufactures Hendrickson trucks.

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