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AEC Matador Driver's Manual
AEC Matador Driver's Manual
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History of AEC Matador

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During the WW2, AEC became one of the few manufacturers of exclusively four-wheel drive armyless vehicles in the world.


Their story began in 1938 with the adoption of the 3-ton Matador (4x4) Model 853 truck, equipped with a 4-speed gearbox and 2-speed transfer case, hydraulic brakes with Lockheed pneumatic booster, spring suspension and a winch with a traction force of 7 tf .


Later versions received a pneumatic brake drive. The Matador version of the O853 model ("O" from the word Oil) was equipped with the A173 6-cylinder vortex-chamber diesel engine (7.6 l, 95 hp) with the Ricardo cylinder head, model 853 - with an overhead 92 hp gasoline engine.


The trucks weighed 7150 kg, had a ground clearance of 330 mm and developed a speed of 60 km / h. The trucks were mainly used as a tractor for a 5.5 "machine gun. Until the end of the war, 8,500 trucks were produced.


Many of the trucks left after the war were converted into cranes and sent to logging. In 1952, the Militant military series replaced the Matador.


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