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Volvo VHD, VH & VT Service Manual
Volvo VHD, VH & VT Service Manual
Volvo VHD, VH & VT Service Manual.pdf
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Volvo VHD Trucks History

There's a VOLVO VH, VHD & VT Truck Service Manual PDF above the page.


In autumn 2000, the presentation of the new VHD (6x4 / 10x4) hood series construction with 345-465 hp engines took place. and a fundamentally new design developed jointly by various Volvo locations.


In the face of increased competition, Volvo's management decided to expand its business and gain a foothold in the middle-class machine sector by signing a cooperation agreement in 1997 with the Japanese company Mitsubishi.


In 1998, Volvo plants, which employed 23 thousand people, produced 85 thousand trucks with a gross weight of more than 6 tons and buses, ranking sixth in the world. In the summer of next year, the company strengthened its already stable position by purchasing more than 70% of the shares of the Swedish company Scania.


This created the prerequisites for the formation of the third Volvo Scania concern in the world, but in the spring of 2000 the EU Commission vetoed this agreement.


A few more months passed and the Volvo group bought back 100% of the Renault cargo compartment, creating another major transnational truck manufacturing concern.

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