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Solis 20 Operator manual
Solis 20 Operator manual
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Solis 50 Operator manual
Solis 50 Operator manual
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Solis 26 Operator manual
Solis 26 Operator manual
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Solis 20 4WD
Solis 60 DT

History of Solis Tractors

Some SOLIS Tractor Operator Manuals PDF above the page.


The Indian manufacturer Sonalika has developed for the international market a special series of mini tractors - SOLIS. This series boasts two lines including about 12 models of tractors: five models - Solis 20, 50, 60, 75, 0 and seven models - Solis 35 RX, 45 RX, 50 RX, 60 RX, 60 RX Turbo, 75 RX and 90 RX.


Indices in the names of models mean the power of the power unit of the tractor.


The youngest model of the Solis 20 is equipped with a 3-cylinder Mitsubishi MVL-3E engine with a volume of 0.95 liters, the maximum torque of which is 52.3 Nm at 2000 rpm. The tractor's manual gearbox is 6-speed with two reverse gears.


Tractor Solis 20 is equipped with a full drive. The maximum transport speed is 15.6 km / h and the minimum speed is 1.25 km / h. To drive additional equipment, a 3-speed power take-off shaft (628, 931 and 1588 rpm) is installed on the tractor. The carrying capacity of hydraulics is 500 kilograms.


The Solis 50 tractor is equipped with a 2.9-liter 3102 EL Inline FIP diesel engine. The flagship model - the Solis 90 uses a 4105 ELT engine with a turbocharger and a volume of 4.1 liters. The maximum torque of the engine reaches 360 Nm at 1300 rpm.


The tractor's mechanical tractor gear provides 12 forward gears and the same amount of reverse gear. When carrying out the work, you can use either the all-wheel drive or the drive only to the rear wheels.


The minimum speed of the tractor Solis 90 is 1.47 km / h, the maximum transport speed is 33.7 km / h. The hydraulic capacity is 2500 kg. The power take-off shaft operates in the 540 & 540 E.

A new generation of tractors offers a line of Solis RX models.


Thanks to cooperation with such eminent manufacturers as Yanmar, Claas and Renault, it became possible to improve the technology and take a new approach to the production of tractors.


The production of tractors of the Solis RX series was started in 2008. Tractors were specially designed for export and received a new design.


The budget tractor Solis 35 RX uses a 2.8 liter engine with direct fuel injection. The construction of the tractor uses details of the production of Bosch. The speed of the PTO shaft is 540 rpm.


The hydraulic capacity is 1200 kg. The flagship of this series - the Solis 90 RX uses a 4.1 liter engine with direct fuel injection and turbocharged.


The PTO rotation frequency is also 540 rpm. The hydraulic capacity is 1600 kg (optional - 2500 kg).

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