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CHEVROLET Truck Fault Codes DTC

Chevrolet Trucks Fault Codes DTC
Chevrolet Truck Fault Codes DTC
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Diagnostic Trouble Codes of CHEVROLET Truck (1.4 L  /  1.6 L  DOHC)




NO2S P0030 (Sensor 1) Heater Circuit Not Available


NO2S P0036 (Sensor 2) Heater Circuit Not Available


P0107 Sensor Manifold Absolute Pressure, Low Voltage


P0108 Sensor Manifold Absolute Pressure, High Voltage


P0112 Intake Air Temperature Sensor Low Voltage


P0113 Intake Air Temperature Sensor High Voltage


P0117 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Low Voltage


P0118 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor High Voltage


P0122 Throttle Position Sensor Low Voltage


P0123 Throttle Position Sensor High Voltage


P0131 HO2S (Sensor 1) low level signal


P0132 HO2S (Sensor 1) High level signal


P0133 HO2S (Sensor 1) Slow performance


P0137 HO2S (Sensor 2) Low signal


P0138 HO2S (Sensor 2) High level signal


P0140 HO2S (Sensor 2) Failure of the circuit or signal


P0171 Fuel Trim System Too Lean


P0172 Fuel Trim System Too Rich


P0222 Drive controller idle throttle, low voltage circuit


P0223 Actuator idle speed regulator Throttle High Voltage

Chevrolet Pickup Truck
Chevrolet Pickup Truck



P0420 Low efficiency of the converter


P0444 Circuit EVAP purge valve, there is no signal


P0445 Circuit Malfunction canister purge valve


P0462 Fuel Level Sensor Low Voltage


P0463 Fuel Level Sensor High Voltage


P0480 Relay Circuit Fault Low Speed Cooling Fan


P0481 High Voltage relay high speed cooling fan


P0501 Vehicle Speed No Signal (only with manual transmission)


P0510 Circuit Malfunction Throttle Position Switch


P0562 Low Voltage Systems


P0563 High Voltage Systems


P0601 ECM, checksum error


P0604 RAM error ECM


P0605 Error writing controller engine control


P0628 fuel pump relay, low voltage circuit


P0629 fuel pump relay, High Voltage


P0646 C compressor relay, low voltage circuit


P0647 C compressor relay, High Voltage


P0650 Malfunction Indicator Lamp Low Voltage


P0656 Circuit Malfunction Fuel Level Output


P0661 Solenoid actuator intake manifold, variable-length low voltage chain


P0662 solenoid actuator intake manifold of variable length, higher voltage circuit


P0700 General fault TCM, disrupt transmission (only automatic)


P1390 Sensor Circuit Malfunction Rough Road (only 0.8S)


P1396 Rough Road Sensor ABS incorrect data


P1504 Vehicle Speed No Signal (only with automatic transmission)


P1610 Main Relay Circuit High Voltage


P1611 Main Relay Circuit Low Voltage


P1628 does not communicate with the immobilizer


P1629 Incorrect calculation of immobilizer


P1650 MIL, High Voltage


P2101 Circuit Fault Drive Idle Charge


P2118 Actuator Mechanical Error Idle Charge


P2119 Functional Error Idle Air Control


U0101 Missing Message TCM (automatic only)



DTCs  (1.8 D-FAM I)



DTC - Description


P0016 The relationship between the crankshaft position (CKP) and position camshaft position (CMP)


P0106 Sensor Performance Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)


P0107 Sensor Circuit Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP), a low level signal


P0108 Sensor Circuit Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP), a high level signal


P0112 Sensor Circuit Intake Air Temperature Low Voltage


P0113 Sensor Circuit Intake Air Temperature High Voltage


P0117 Sensor Circuit Engine Coolant Temperature, Low Voltage


P0118 Sensor Circuit Engine Coolant Temperature High Voltage


P0122 Circuit Throttle Position Sensor Low Voltage


P0123 Circuit Throttle Position Sensor High Voltage


P0131 Sensor Circuit HO2S, low signal, the sensor 1


P0132 Sensor Circuit HO2S, High Voltage Sensor 1


P0133 Sensor 1 delayed response of the HO2S


P0134 Sensor 1 attenuation circuit of the HO2S activity


P0135 Sensor 1 HO2S heater efficiency


P0137 Sensor Circuit HO2S, a low level signal, sensor 2

P0138 Sensor Circuit HO2S, High Voltage Sensor 2


P0140 Sensor 2 attenuation circuit of the HO2S activity


P0141 Sensor 2 HO2S heater efficiency


P0171 lean fuel trim system


P0172 rich mixture in the fuel trim


P0201 injector control circuit 1


P0202 injector control circuit 2


P0203 injector control circuit 3


P0204 injector control circuit 4


P0300 Misfire Detected


P0315 not detect changes in the system changes the angle of rotation of the crankshaft


P0317 No input signal from the rough road detection system


P0324 Efficiency knock sensor module


P0325 Knock Sensor Circuit


P0335 Circuit Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP)


P0336 Sensor Performance crankshaft position (CKP)


P0340 Circuit Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP)


P0351 Control Circuit Ignition Coil 1 and 4


P0352 Control Circuit Ignition Coil 2 and 3


P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation insufficient flow


P0402 Exhaust Gas Recirculation, excess consumption


P0404 Exhaust gas recirculation, efficiency in the open position


P0405 position sensor circuit in the EGR system, the low level signal


P0406 position sensor circuit in the EGR system, a high level signal


P0420 Poor performance of the catalytic converter


P042E Exhaust gas recirculation, efficiency in the closed position


P0443 The control circuit EVAP canister purge valve

P0461 Fuel Level Sensor Performance


P0462 Circuit Low Voltage fuel level sensor


P0463 Circuit High Voltage fuel level sensor


P0502 Circuit Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS), a low level signal


P0506 Low speed at idle


P0507 High-speed idle


P0532 pressure sensor circuit coolant in air conditioning system, a low level signal


P0533 pressure sensor circuit coolant in air conditioning system, high signal


P0562 Low Voltage Systems


P0563 High Voltage Systems


P0601 Only Memory (ROM) of the controller


P0602 controller is programmed


P0606 Speed Controller


P0660 control circuit solenoid valve in the intake manifold assembly adjustment


P0700 Enable MIL requested by the controller PPC


P1133 Sensor 1 inefficiency switching the HO2S


P1134 HO2S, sensor 1 ratio of transition time


P1166 lean at full load


P1391 Rough Road Sensor Performance


P1392 Rough Road Sensor Circuit Low Voltage


P1393 Rough Road Sensor Circuit High Voltage


P1396 deviation signal from the wheel speed sensor ABS


P1397 No signal from the wheel speed sensor ABS


P1631 unbelievers signal of the supply of fuel to protect against theft


P2297 HO2S, sensor 1 performance when fuel shut-off mode engine braking


P2610 Efficiency ignition off timer in the controller


U0101 Lost Communication with TCM


U0167 Missing message identifier of the immobilizer

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