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Avia A 31 Repair Shop Manual Clutch
Avia A 31 Repair Shop Manual Clutch
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'76 Avia Renault Saviem SG2 Guide de Conduite
'76 Avia Renault Saviem SG2 Guide de Conduite
avia - renault saviem_sg2_guide_de_condu
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History of Avia Trucks

Some AVIA Truck Service Manuals PDF above the page.


Look above - Avia Renault Saviem sg2 Guide de Conduite, Avia a31 Repair Shop Manual Clutch.


After the change of ownership, Daewoo Avia's new management team immediately began to develop and introduce a completely new family of trucks with a gross weight of 6 to 9 tons, which would fully satisfy the requirements of customers in the Western European market.


The new cab, which received a completely different design and provides maximum comfort to the driver and passengers, has become the most significant innovation of the entire structure.


The exterior and interior design of the new cab was done by Daewoo designers from England, while Daewoo Avia engineers were responsible for coordinating the entire project and fine-tuning the chassis and chassis.


The new lineup, dubbed the D-series, debuted on the Czech market in late 2000.

Another feature that distinguished the D60 / D90 models from their predecessors was the new proprietary Avia D432.100 engines, or the licensed Cummins ISBe 150 or ISBe 170 with 150 and 170 hp, respectively. Cummins engines, due to their characteristics, were mainly used for intercity traffic.


Since 2002, the company has been offering 2 types of German gearboxes to choose from - a 5-speed ZF S5-42 or a 6-speed ZF S6-850.


In the mid-2000s, the lineup was updated. Trucks received new Cummins ISB4.5E5 engines that meet Euro 5 standards, which produce 160, 185 or 207 hp.


The updated model range has expanded significantly and includes the following models: D60 (gross weight 5990 kg), D65 (gross weight 6490 kg), D70 (gross weight 6990 kg), D75 (gross weight 7490 kg), D80 (gross weight 7990 kg), D85 (gross weight 8490 kg), D90 (gross weight 9000 kg), D100 (gross weight 9990 kg), D110 (gross weight 10990 kg) and D120 (gross weight 11990 kg).


The range also included all-wheel drive modification D120.

AVIA Trucks Line-up

Saviem TP3

1969–75 Saviem TP3

Avia A31

1989-1993 Avia A31

Avia D90

2000 Avia D90

Avia A21

1977-1985 Avia A21

Avia A75

1997 - 2000 Avia A75

Avia D120

2000 Avia D120

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