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Mack Titan TD700 Operator's Manual
Mack Titan TD700 Operator's Manual
Mack Titan TD700 Operator's Manual.pdf
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History of Mack Titan Truck

There's a MACK Titan Truck Operator's Manual PDF above the page.


The Mack Titan family of heavy trucks made its debut in 1995 in the Australian market (trucks are made here, at a plant in Queensland).


In 2008, trucks began to be produced in the United States, but in 2016 the model left the American market, and in Australia it is still sold.


The Australian Titan is a truck tractor with a 6 × 4 or 8 × 6 wheel arrangement, which is intended, inter alia, for working as part of road trains with several trailers.


Trucks are equipped with six-cylinder Mack MP10 diesels with a volume of 16 liters and a capacity of 600–685 hp in combination with manual or automatic transmissions.


Mack Titan for the American market was offered not only as a tractor, but also as a chassis for heavy dump trucks for the construction or mining industries.


The machines were equipped with the same power units, but developing 515-605 hp.

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