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2004-GMC-Canyon Manual
2004-GMC-Canyon Manual
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1999-GMC-Sonoma Manual
1999-GMC-Sonoma Manual
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1999-GMC-Sierra Manual
1999-GMC-Sierra Manual
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GMC Canyon
GMC Sierra 2500

History of GMC

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General Motors Corporation - American concern, the manufacturer of commercial vehicles, including the so-called light trucks (pickups and utility vans).


Founded in 1900, the brothers Max and Morris Grabowski created intended for sale truck equipped with a single-cylinder horizontal engine.


In 1902 he founded the company Rapid Motor Vehicle, which began production of trucks with the single-cylinder engine.


In 1908, with the advent of William C. Durant, created the company General Motors, which absorbs the Rapid Motor Vehicle and all other small automotive companies in Michigan. In 1909 the first generation of trucks GMC produced. A formed General Motors Corporation in 1916.


Trucks company in 1916 participated in the first Meso-American rally and cross the country from Seattle to New York.

Army from 1917 to 1919 about 10,000 trucks and modifications based on them. After the war, GM started to improve the assembly line at the plant in Pontiac, Michigan, and began re-equipment of their cars, changing their body, in railway handcar and motovagony for various purposes.


In 1925 there was an important event - the GMC joined the company in "The Yellow Cab Manufacturing" from Chicago. Now GMC trucks had the opportunity to produce both small and medium-duty trucks with their own logo.


In 1927, there were T series machines, and by 1931 - one of the first car category Class 8 heavy truck T-95. This was a three-axis machine with pneumatic brakes and four-stage transmission, the vehicle payload capacity of up to fifteen tons.


In January 1988 GMC joined the group of manufacturers of trucks Volvo-White (and to this day remains in force, producing trucks under the brand name "New Family", which became a joint product of Volvo-White -GMC and Autocar.


Emblem GMC can be seen in the modern category of Class 8 trucks, but still operated and outdated modification.


Today GMC is a few models.


Pickup Sonoma (in three versions: Regular Cab, Extended Cab, Crew Cab).


In early 2001, there was a change of generation SUV GMC Envoy, who trace their ancestry to another SUV Chevrolet Blazer. New generation differs significantly from the previous model. This is primarily evident in ukrupleniyu machines, and secondly it is a completely new car. 


In 2007, the company sold 9.37 million cars and trucks.


At the company's plants it operates 252 thousand. People (2008). Revenue in 2008 was $ 148.98 billion (2007 - $ 181 billion), net loss - $ 30.86 billion (2007 - net loss of $ 38.7 billion).

June 1, 2009 GM started bankruptcy proceedings - an appropriate lawsuit was filed in federal court of the Southern District of New York.


The US government provided the company about $ 30 billion, and in return receive 60% of the Group's shares, the Government of Canada - 12% of shares for $ 9.5 billion, the US auto industry association of trade unions of workers (UAW) - 17,5% of the shares. 


It is assumed that after the bankruptcy proceedings concern will be split into two companies, the first of which will include the most unprofitable divisions, and the second - the most profitable Chevrolet and Cadillac.

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