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Western Star Air Electrical Manual
Western Star Air Electrical Manual
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Western Star Drivers manual
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Western Star Maintenance manual
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History of Western Star Trucks

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Western Star is a relatively young company, unlike most others, which produce trucks and start their operations at the beginning of this year or at the end of the last century. Western Star was founded in 1967 as a Canadian subsidiary of the White Motors Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio. The production and design offices that operate on the Western Star are located in Kelowna, British Columbia.


In 1981, Western Star's  corporation was sold to two Canadian firms following the sale of a Swedish-based Volvo company based in the US to White Motors Corporation. So Western Star began to work independently.


This firm has always been proud of the independence of its existence, it is proud of it to this day. In Canada, which produces 100 percent of the output, 93 percent of all staff production capacity is concentrated.


At one time, Western Star produced trucks with both a cab above the engine and with the usual layout, but recently the first type of cars was discontinued.


With four truck models available (more precisely, the series), Western Star offers more than 4,000 variants of trucks, both with right- and left-hand steering. Due to such high flexibility, Western Star machines are popular in more than twenty countries of the world.


Currently, about 46 percent of all sales of Western Star are concentrated in Canada, 43 percent of sales are from its southern neighbor, in the US, and finally, 11 percent of truck sales come from other countries.


Western Star trucks are assembled to order to meet more stringent customer requirements and meet the dictated operating conditions in every corner of the globe.

Western Star 4900sa

Trucks are usually produced for the following purposes: motorway commercial transportation - 43 percent, timber and woodworking industry, oil industry, mining industry - 30 percent, construction - 21 percent, other industries - 6 percent.


In the future, Western Star plans to build a new plant for the production of booths, expand and update existing equipment, increase the number of staff, equip machines with a new cabin, and a new berth, and expand its influence in foreign markets.

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