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XCMG 6CL-280-2 Manual
XCMG 6CL-280-2 Manual
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XCMG 68 x7C Manual
XCMG 68_x7C Manual
XCMG 68_x7C Manual.zip
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XCMG lw420f Manual
XCMG lw420f Manual
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XCMG Truck

History of XCMG

Some XCMG Tractor, Loader Manuals PDF above the page.


The founders of the company launched a new project in the spring of 1989, which was supposed to turn the entire market for heavy equipment and become an unchanging leader.


For 8 years of conscientious work, XCMG has received the status of a model manufacturer, which has attracted the attention of customers and allowed to increase sales.


In 1995, the company created a working tandem with Caterpillar, which allowed them to build a huge building of an engineering plant with an area of more than 150 thousand square meters and to produce excavator installations and off-road cranes.


After entering the stock exchanges, the company began to cooperate with Schwing Corporation for the production of concrete equipment.


In addition, XCMG is actively producing railway installations.


The history of XCMG speaks of the rapid development of the company.


Currently, XCMG has its own production in Brazil and plans to build factories in several other countries.

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