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Volvo VT880
Volvo VT Service Manual
Volvo VT Service Manual
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Volvo VT880 Truck History

There's a VOLVO VT Truck Service Manual PDF above the page.


In the American division of Volvo Trucks, the development of the Volvo VT880 truck tractor began back in 2005.


This flagship is not only different in appearance, but also equipped with one of the most powerful engines in the history of Volvo.


In order to free up more space for the engine, the front axle was shifted by 315 mm, which increases driving comfort.


And the truck cabin, on the contrary, was shifted back 200 mm, reducing noise and vibration from the motor.


The dimensions of the VT880 sleeping bag are impressive - 192.5 cm long and about 2.5 meters high.


For a more comfortable stay in the living compartment there is a refrigerator, a sink with a faucet, a microwave, multimedia and a lower sleeping shelf, which can be laid out and used as a dining table.


Seats at the option of the customer can be covered in leather. And for the cabin there are three options for finishing materials.

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